You are probably seeing QR codes more frequently on signs, magazines, buses, business cards, realtor for sale signs or almost any object that people might want more information.

Soon, having a QR code will be as common place as having your telephone number on your business card.

How to Make a QR Code

What is a QR Code?

QR codes were originally designed and used for tracking motor vehicle parts for vehicle manufacturing. Now QR codes have spread into the world of commercial tracking applications and small and large businesses.

A QR code will allow any user with the QR application on their cell phone to scan the logo, then take the user to text about the object scanned, a website about the object scanned, telephone number or any location that the creator of the QR logo wants to send you. It is the cell phone version of the hyperlink.

QR Code Statistic

24% of smart phone owners (10% of the overall online population) report having scanned a QR code to get more information about a product, business, or event.

"Should I Use a QR Code as My Image on Social Media Sites"?

Yes, and no.. Social Media sites should have an image of you, however, with Facebook you are allowed a larger image (180px wide × 390px tall) than most Social Sites will allow. We would recommend adding your QR code under your image with photo software and then upload to your Facebook page.

Create a QR Code landing Page

Another tip is to create a specifically designed QR landing page, ( and don't list it on your website, (meaning keep it's visibility to only people that use your QR code). This way you can design it to work better with any cell phone, you can add you email, telephone number and other important links that would be valuable to the person scanning your QR code.

How to Create a QR code

Creating your QR code is quite simple. It's as easy as typing in your domain (URL) and creating the image. Here a few sites you can use to make your QR code:

Happy QR'n!

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