If you are a veteran article marketer and/or any sort of online marketer, then you most likely already understand the value and power of creating an online foundation can do for your online visibility and credibility. But here is one missing link to online marketing I still see many online marketers not taking advantage of.

Online Marketing FoundationBuilding a solid foundation for your online marketing efforts should be first and foremost. If you are going to market anything online, you better be doing more than just sending people to a squeeze page or sales page without creating a platform to market from.

Joining all the major Social Media sites, creating powerful profiles with the correct keywords and keyphrases should NOT be the first thing you do… it is the second…. the first thing you need to do is create a foundation that people become familiar and comfortable with. You will use this foundation to post, share and call home.

Only having a social media presence is not enough. You need more. You need that platform to market from, a platform to post your latest articles and a common place that your followers return to.

Not only that, if you are only using social media sites to market your product or service, you are missing out on 90-95 percent of the online traffic that uses the Search Engines to find a product or service just like yours.

Having this foundation will allow your visitors to see all the other wonderful products you promote as well without having to post it continuously to Social Media sites. Drive traffic, get more followers, make more sales by building your online marketing foundation.

Creating Your Online Marketing Foundation – 101

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