mister wrong bookmarking site now has feedmister-wong.com is a bookmarking site that has a Pagerank of 8, pretty good site for backlinks. In the past you could bookmark your stories and videos to them for no charge. Well, how times change, now they have a fee to bookmark to their site.

We have only used mister-wong for backlinking juice from a site with a Pagerank of 8 and we are pretty certain that we have not even got a referral from any of the articles we bookmarked at mister-wong. After doing a little bit more research, we find out why that might be.

  • Approximately 3% of visits to it are referred by search engines*. So this simply tells us that the only good thing about mister-wong is you get a backlink from a site with a Pagerank of 8. Is that worth paying a fee for?
  • Average Load Time for Mister-wong.com Very Slow (3.342 Seconds), 87% of sites are faster*. This might just be a turn off for most users.
  • * Source: Alexa.com

Why did mister-wong go to a pay-per-month?

They say they had lot’s of gatecrashers. Just in the past couple weeks, automatic bots have registered thousands of spam accounts, which led to a very high operating expense for their quality control team and their data base handling.

They do say you can get a free version of the site once you have obtained a “trusted” status. Not sure how long it takes to get a “trusted” status, but they say it is given out to those who are not using mister-wong for commercial purposes.

How much is mister-wong now?

  • Their “Tiny” package is a modest $2.00/month, but only allows you to save 10 bookmarks in total.
  • Their “Basic” package is $8.00/month and allows you to bookmark 250 in total.
  • Their “Plus” package is $12.00/mo and allows you to save 1000 bookmarks in total.
  • Their “Premium” package” is $24.00/mo and allows 10,000 bookmarks in total.

Bottom line to this is the bookmarking part of cyber-space is changing due to all the spammers and automated software that people and companies are using to try and compete with people that are doing SEO the right way…

in our opinion, auto-submit programs should be banned, period. You would think Google would know how quickly links and articles are being posted from a particular IP address and/or the amount of backlinks to one site are generated within a certain amount of time. Knowing this they would know that no human could possibly post that quickly. (See our vent on Auto-Submitting Software for Backlinks.)

Anyhow, we are no longer using mister-wong, we just don’t believe in paying for backlinks.

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