How to Create a Linkedin ProfileLinkedIn is the professional version of the more social community websites. LinkedIn allows  users to set up their own pages with which to communicate and network with others over the internet. Setting up a great LinkedIn profile that includes the best search words will help to advance your ability to network with others. You’ll be easier to find with the search feature by using the most popular keywords.

LinkedIn Page Ranking

There is a page ranking system that you will want to take advantage of. Do this by following the complete profile instructions. Be sure to fill out every section and don’t forget to use the keywords you have chosen. The percentage of your profile that has been created will be displayed for your convenience along the way. Those with complete profiles do better in the search ranking within the LinkedIn website.

Linkedin Profile Keywords

Using the right KeywordsUse the correct keywords to describe your business. Check the LinkedIn search bar to see what keywords are being searched for before you decide on yours. The more popular keywords get better ranking. The more density of those keywords lie within your description and profile, the higher your search ranking will be. You might need to change your job or business description a bit to accommodate the best keywords with which you’ll be found.

There is a ‘headline’ within every profile. Make yours to include the main words you have chosen as keywords to describe your business. This is very important, as the search engine within LinkedIn will bring you up more often if you have used effective keywords in that section.

Another good place to use your keywords is in the ‘specialties’ section of the profile. List everything that you can do well and describe each item using a good search term. Additionally, when you list your current job, you can list several of them. Do so, separating each task that you are able to perform into its own listing.

For example, if you are a general practice attorney, don’t limit your listing to ‘attorney’ as you will be shorting yourself in the search listings. You most likely do family law, real estate law, and traffic or criminal law in your daily practice as well. List each separately to give yourself 3 areas to come up in a search rather than just one.

LinkedIn is a great way to advertise yourself and the great job you do every day. Using keywords to help describe the specific things you do will get you noticed.

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