Follow the SEO-Alien on Twitter!What do you post on Twitter?

Most people use Twitter to communicate and to be entertained. The world seems to be getting smaller and smaller all the time and everybody has a busy schedule. Connecting with one another needs to be fast and entertaining. You can have quick conversations with people and share your interests.

6 Key Categories of Tweets

  1. The Boring Tweet: "Trying to figure out where I left my car keys". It's when you talk about something completely boring and uninteresting. There's nothing really interesting with these sorts of Tweets to another person.
  2. The Wide Appeal Tweet: Is a good way to show your human side and will likely persuade others in your twitter journey to start conversations with you, because it's stuff they can relate to. So use this kind of tweet liberally. "I'm so proud of my 6 year old daughter – she had her first dance recital today!" Besides your kids, you can also talk about your pets, your exercise class or your new car. What makes this tweet not boring is that it speaks to the emotional side of human experience – things we're proud of, or excited about, or looking forward to.
  3. The Inspirational Tweet. This can be very successful, however don’t overdo it. People everywhere love a good inspirational message. Besides which, sharing thought-provoking or inspirational tweets can build rapport quickly with your followers. If you're quoting someone, it's good to include "#quote" in the body of your tweet. That's called a hash tag, and it makes it easier for people to find your tweets.
  4. The Witty Tweet: “The Dutch are participating in their national sport: watching a government fall. Happens more often than the Olympics.” When you know a bit about the Dutch, you know they have a lot of elections. So a tweet like this is likely to get re-tweeted. Re-tweeting is how tweets go viral – and going viral is very important in tweeting!
  5. The Link Tweet. Once you get the hang of tweeting, you'll start wanting to share valuable information with your followers. Do this by posting Tweets with a link. They can be links to your own websites. This is how you can begin to directly monetize Twitter.
  6. The @ reply, or the Conversational Tweet. These are the tweets where you're actually talking one on one to another Twitter-user. At first, you're just getting to know each other. However when you discover a connection, this is where real business can get done on Twitter. It is of course the most time-consuming kind of Tweet but it's potentially the most valuable.

Happy Tweeting!

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