Facebook started off as a very simple networking platform among University mates and has now spread its wings, letting people across the globe to connect with others for more personal reasons.

Ever since its birth, Facebook has been extremely dynamic, growing both in its scope and opportunities. Today, we have come to a point where Facebook benefits businesses and marketers more than anything else. While Instagram and WhatsApp still hold their sacred essence, Facebook has a lot more to offer when we talk about marketing a business or product and gaining profits. However, many marketers don’t quite know how Facebook marketing can help them increase their profits. With all of that being said, here’s how to increase your profits through Facebook marketing.

Work a strategy

Nothing works to its fullest if you don’t have a strategy. Most people do a lot of hard work, but it is mostly quite haphazard and unplanned. When you aim for profit, you have to have a well-documented plan; the same applies to Facebook marketing. List out what is it that you want to achieve. Make a clear and practical short-term as well as long-term goal. List out your resources, amount of time you will be devoting, and your objectives. All these would give you a direction to your actions and make the work more efficient for you. Moreover, you would be able to track progress and make corrections when a strategy fails.

Capture the eyes

When we talk about product or content, it is all about how appealing it is to people. For this to work best for your business, you first need to figure out what would work well for your business specifically. For example, if you own a restaurant and want to promote your dishes, words won’t work. Here, you may need images. However, many businesses are more about words; for instance, white label SEO reseller services. Here, you need tactful one-liners to convince people of your worth. Whatever it is, whether images, infographics or quotes, be very smart with what you post for your business.

Ask for opinions

Today, people have become very outspoken on social media platforms. Pages are flooding with millions of opinions and feedback from the users. As a business marketer, you can make a lot out of this. Whenever you post something, make sure it ends on a note where it compels people to comment, write what they think, or even give a feedback about you. Again, taking the example of a food business, when you post a picture of a new dish and write a little about it, ask people which side dish would they recommend for the main dish. This would make people want to speak about their preferences.

Post the best content

Content matters just as much as the marketing; and in some cases, it matters a lot more. The content that you post on social media should be very crisp and factual. For creative businesses, it has to capture so much attention that words themselves should play a role in luring people into buying your products or opting for your services. For this, a well-crafted, short yet bold content is what does the job. Also, make the content readable for as many people as you can. Stay simple, yet display a message strong enough to allure the people. Give as much time and importance to creating content as you would to marketing the content. After all, if the content is not up to the mark, marketing something average won’t work out.

Conduct contests

Everybody loves little free perks and gifts. If you conduct contests and have giveaways, more and more people would be attracted to your Facebook page. All you have to do to promote your brand is to give away rewards to the winner. While this would increase traffic to your page, this would also give a glimpse of what your product or service is like. There are chances that people who get the free goodies might actually love them and would actually invest in it in the future. Sometimes, the awardees do the marketing for you through word of mouth. Contests definitely work like magic in bringing the people to your business.

Link with other social media platforms

While Facebook can help you a lot in gaining profit for your business, you still can’t underestimate the popularity of other social media platforms. Sharing whatever you post on Facebook over Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms can help you a lot. There might be people who don’t use Facebook as much as other social media platforms. After all, it will come down to personal preferences. Being on multiple social media platforms would help you ensure you are capturing more and more audience.

Include convincing facts about your business

Nothing builds more credibility to your business than facts and figures. You can keep ranting about many things. However, at the end of the day, people want concrete proof that authenticates your services or products. If you offer any services, make it a point to display the milestones you have achieved in your business. And if you are into a product-oriented business, get genuine reviews on your page from the users. Again, taking a restaurant as an example, you can include your new dish as a post, and state factual information about how the dish is made of, the ingredients it contains, and how good is it for an individual’s health. Don’t shy away from quoting eminent people. However, do it wisely and make sure the information is relevant to your business and true.


These are some vital steps on how you can increase your profits through Facebook marketing. You cannot underestimate the power of social media platforms in improving the profit of your business. If you are keen to grow your presence on Facebook as a business, you can even hire a social media marketing expert for your business. Almost every business is on social media. If you want to make sure that you grow your business in every way, you have to make the most out of social media platforms so that your competitors don’t take over you.

About the Author: Jafar Sadhik

A creative content crafter working currently at Stan Ventures, a popular White Label SEO service provider. You can reach me online through Twitter or LinkedIn for a quick response. 


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