Adding a Poll to your website in nothing new, but the available options to do it with now have increased. Adding a Poll to your website may offer something extra that will drive more traffic to your website and keep them on your website longer.

Want to add a Poll to your Website or Blog but don’t have a good enough reason? Here are a few of our reasons why we think it is worth the time to add one.

  1. Good for Creating Interaction
    Giving your online visitor a chance to post their opinions with no threat of anyone recognizing who they are is always fun. Voicing your opinion and then comparing it to how everyone else voted can be fun for new visitors to your website(s).
  2. Give People Another Way to Find You
    With a good poll page, you can have it on your website and have that same pole on the internet with your company profile, logo and link to your website (preferably on that is not defaulted to a “nofollow”). This way you can optimize your websites polling page by promoting it at through all your other social networking sites. It is non threatening to any client as well. I mean really, how threatening is “Please Take our Poll on the Best BookMarking Sites!” or whatever your decide your poll is on.
  3. Gives You More Google Juice
    Not only the backlink to your website helps your online search engine friendliness, but driving more traffic helps and keeping visitors on your website and staying on your website longer all helps give your website more “Google Juice” so your website will be easier to find on the internet.
  4. and Even Test your Online Search Engine Skills
    This is a great page to test your SEO and Social Networking skills to see how much traffic you can drive to complete your poll on your website.

We could go on and on, but just from these four alone we hope you can see the many benefits having a poll post.

Just so happens that while the SEO Alien was traveling through Cyber-Space, it came across a pretty cool FREE site that allows you to create Polls and Survey’s for your websites or blogs. Visit It even has a PageRank of 7!

Here is what you get for free!

  • 100 Survey Responses per Month
  • 10 Questions per Survey
  • Polldaddy Link in Content
  • Basic Poll & Survey Reports
  • Unlimited Poll Votes

If you use a sellf hosted WordPress themed page, search the plugins for “PollDaddy Polls”. Add the plugin and either create your own poll from within WordPress, add it to the WYSIWYG Editor to easily add polls to your pages or search for all your polls when asked and import any polls you may have created from

Not a techy and feel it may be to complicated to use? It is fairly simple, just create your poll and then copy and paste it to your blog or website.

Generate another backlink to your website, see how much traffic your can generate, give people another reason to visit your website and keep customers on your website longer by adding a Poll!

If you have any comments or have any other great polling sites to suggest, please let us know about them!

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