One of the challenges I hear from many businesses is creating effective videos for YouTube. This article will show you how to quickly make YouTube videos that will get you more views and more traffic to your niche.

How to Quickly Make YouTube VideosWith YouTube being the second most popular search engine other than Google (meaning other than Google, more searches are done on YouTube than any other site), if you are not taking advantage of YouTube by uploading videos about your niche, your missing a ton of potential traffic.

It is easy to create videos and when you learn the secrets on how to quickly make YouTube videos, you may wish you started this years ago.

There are several different strategies to making YouTube videos depending on your niche, but regardless of what your business is, using these steps and strategies below I don't think you can ever run out of ideas. The best part about it, unless you want to get real serious, everything you need to quickly make YouTube videos is FREE!

Step One – Get Free Video Editing Software

Movie MakerThe first thing  you will need to have is Windows Live Movie Maker which should be installed by default on your computer if you are running Windows. If not, download it from here:

Windows Live Movie Maker works only on Windows 7 and later versions. For people using Windows XP, you should have the older version of Movie Maker under Start → Programs → Windows Movie Maker (as shown on the right).

Creating videos using Movie Maker is fairly easy and I won't re-write an article to show you how to do it. If you want, you can search in Google or Youtube or here is a good tutorial on how to use Movie Maker –

Step Two – Find and Download Free Images

This is where you use  a few different strategies. For example;

  1. if your business was a travel agency, you can find volumes of free images for practically any location on Earth. Then all you would have to do is download them, upload them to Movie Maker and then create your video.
  2. If you are in the pet food business, what better way to go viral now-a-days than to post some cute images of cats and dogs? Well, same thing here, but only this time create a video, then add your logo, URL, contact # or anything similar to it.

The best thing about it, correctly done, you can get these video's and your YouTube channels to the top of Google for some pretty competitive search phrases.

YouTube DescriptionYouTube Tip: When you upload that video to YouTube, be sure to put the link to website or landing page FIRST in the YouTube Description as seen to the right.

Doing this will create a better opportunity for people to click it. The other thing is, if you put it below the "Show More" you will lose a valuable backlink from YouTube.

Where can you find copyright free images that you can download for free? Here are a couple of secrets;

1) Do a Google search for Wallpaper with your niche or search phrase in front. IE. Google "Lightning Wallpaper" and you will see scores of results. Because almost all of these wallpaper images are Free to download, they fall under the Creative Commons license. This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation (See:

2) Another great free tool to find images is Bulkr. This software is free and will let us search Flickr specifying any keywords we want and it then displays pictures related to those keywords. You can search by keywords, users, groups. The software has a paid version and a free version. Initially, you can just go with the free version though it has some limitations, but it should be sufficient for our use.

Best of all, you can specify it to search only those pictures which are free to use and share (which have Creative Commons license) This means we won't be infringing any copyrights. After that you can easily download all these pictures to any folder you specify with a single click.

Here is the link to download the software:

Bulkr TipThe free version only allows you to download a limited amount of images, so you can repeat the search using other similar keywords if you want to download more images.

Here  are a couple of ideas to quickly make YouTube videos to drive more traffic:

1) Niche Videos: Create videos that are specifically about your industry that are also good for SEO. When people are searching for a service like yours, there is a good chance that your YouTube video will be found on Google.

2) Brand Your Video! Create videos of things that are of interest and then add a link to your domain at the beginning or end (or both) of the video. You can easily add that text using Windows Movie Maker. This can peak peoples curiosity and encourage them to type your domain name in, just to see more about the person or brand that made that video. (See the last slide of this video below in this video that took less that 20 minutes to create.)

3) Upload your video to YouTube and share your new video on your Social Media sites! More likes, more shares will simply translate to more views and more traffic to your business!

YouTube Tip: YouTube allows you to create many different channels on one YouTube account. Create a Channel that is more specific about your niche and then create others that may be more about things that interest you. Each channel will be individually indexed by Google creating several different ways for people to find your YouTube site.

"I laughed when I found one of my channels called "Just Mikes Stuff" to be #1 on Google. It is just as easy to get your YouTube channels on the top of Google for your niches search phrases."

There are many ways to spend money if you wish for more sophisticated software, but if you're looking for a way to quickly make YouTube videos for FREE, this has to be the simplest and most effective way to do it for free!

If you want to move up to the next step without spending a fortune on software, start small. Below are links to a few tools that can help create a better video.


Add Professional Music Tracks to Your Videos!

If you would like to "Jazz up" your videos, download 90+ Royalty Free Professional Music Tracks! Professional Music Tracks For Your Marketing Needs!!Click to Learn More!


Create Impressive Into and Exit Slides

In the video above, I added an opening and a closing image for that video. There are several free image editing sites online, however, for only $29.99, you can get PhotoImpact X3, Corels easy image editing software that is simply awesome!Click to Learn More!


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