There are many strategies to getting more of your blog articles tweeted on twitter, but here is one tweeting strategy that the pros are using to get more tweets on Twitter!

Tweet tweet! Even if you are not an html expert, I am going to give you the code below and how to use it on your blog or website to get more of your articles and/or webpages tweeted on Twitter.

What this will do is give the readers of your post a great opportunity to tweet it!  (Give it a try by using the link below!) 

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Here is how you can create that same link on any of your articles.

Hint: You may (at first) find it easier to post the article first in order to get the URL for the article, however if you are comfortable knowing what your URL will be, then you can do this before the articles posted.

Step 1: Find the URL of the post you would like to add the 'tweet code' to (i.e. the URL of this post is '')

Step 2: Using a url shortener like or, shorten your URL and remember what it is. We will use this shortened URL later in the steps below.

Step 3: Go to the post or page in WordPress you would like to add the code. Switch from the 'Visual' to the 'Text' editor.

Step 4: Find within the article where you would like to place the code. Click your mouse to create the blinking cursor then copy & paste in this code:

Like this Information? Please <a title="Tweet This Post!" href="" target="_blank">Tweet This Post!</a>

Step 5: Replace in the code where it says 'URL' with your articles shortened URL. (Do not leave any spaces before or after.)

Step 6: Replace in the code where it says 'Add+Your+Text+Here' with your text that you would like to be tweeted.

  • Be sure to add the '+' sign between each word. Avoid using symbols like % sign.. change to 'percent' if needed.
  • Also, be sure to keep your text with 140 characters. (I use 140 characters as max so when people re-tweet it allows room for additional text)

Step 7: Switch to the 'Visual Editor" and edit the font as you wish (like bolding, and/or text size etc.)

Step 8: Save your post and test your link!

  • Adding the Twitter logo like I did above is optional.

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