How do you claim your Google Authorship the right way? It's simple! Starbox is the Author Box for Humans. Professional Themes to choose from, HTML5, Social Media Profiles, Google Authorship.

Claiming your Google Authorship the right way may be more important than what your Google Pagerank is, (What I am calling and have heard several others call "Author Rank"). If you haven't claimed your Author Rank yet, here is a great plugin by Florin Muresan and our friends at Squirrly (The Best SEO Plugin for WordPress) that will allow you to easily claim your authorship with the StarBox author plugin for WordPress.

Not only that, there is so much more (as always with these guys). When setting up profiles, if you add your Klout profile, it will display your Klout score and it doesn't stop there.

Google Authorship the Right Way


Your Authors will get Google Authorship the right way.This author box plugin will make your Authors look good and increase their social engagement with rich profiles.

Get Google Authorship the Right Way

Florin Muresan's Profile using the StarBox Plugin

You can get your own Google Authorship-enabled plugin that will look beautiful on your WordPress site below, For FREE.

Humans look at beauty more than anything else (as you most probably already know, men and women alike). That's why you'll get an Author Box that's gorgeous to look at and it makes your readers click all the way through to see more about the Authors.

Because your authors are stars or will be very soon, Google Authorship and Facebook Authorship are here for them with Starbox, and it's just type->click->boom! to set up. Amazingly easy.

Are you afraid of having to spend time setting Starbox up? Don't worry. You're covered by our "For Humans" guarantee. With NO coding or complicated menus, whatsoever, you'll set your Author Box in a matter of minutes, and since we took a lot of care regarding coding, it will work well and you won't worry about that.

You'll build up some good social proof, you'll give your Human readers the sense of quality and they'll be happy to return for more (which will help you with the search engines who track your site, as well).

Google Authorship the Right Way

Get Your Free Google Authorship Enabled Author Box Now

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