When creating your YouTube Channel, it is also a very important step to create YouTube Playlists on your channel. Even if you only have one YouTube playlist, it will give you several benefits including being more visible on the Search Engines.

Why and How to How to Create YouTube PlaylistsI know that there are lots of YouTube users that have several YouTube Channels under different Gmail address. If you do, Google is not going to be able associate each of your channels with your Google+ profile.

By having one YouTube Channel you can create unlimited playlists on any subject, category and/or niche that will individually be indexed by Google. This will allow that video to not only be found by the title of the video, but also by the subject of your playlist.

Adding YouTube Playlists to your YouTube Channel will give you several added benefits as well.

Other Benefits of Creating Playlists on Your YouTube Channel

#1) Each YouTube Playlist that you create is each playlist is indexed separately in Google. For example, if you were to Google one of my YouTube Playlist titles, "SEO and Social Networking Tips" you will see that it is #1 on Google. Not my YouTube Channel, but that specific playlist.

#2) You can add a specific description to each of your YouTube Playlists for extra SEO Juice. Choose the TITLE and DESCRIPTION of your channel carefully knowing that the Keyphrases you use will be used by Google for indexing.

#3) You can create featured playlists and re-arrange the order of them according to your ranking order.

#4) As mentioned above, Google will associate all of your Playlists with your Google+ profile

There are countless other benefits to creating several YouTube Playlists on your YouTube channel and for more information on how to set up playlists, please watch the video below.

How Do You Set up Playlists on Your Tube Channel?

YouTube Playlist Plugin for WordPress

There is a very cool YouTube Plugin for WordPress that will allow you to add any individual Playlist to your blog. So if you have a playlist that is not relevant, you can keep it off your site.

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