Needless to mention, computers powered by state-of-the-art technologies have virtually simplified every facet of human life.

From enabling you to stay in touch with your loved ones at all times, computers help you shop and conduct online businesses through different interfaces. These make use of saved personal and financial information that is stored online.

While this is a matter of convenience to online businesses, it is also a major concern for startups to protect themselves against certain risks like internet frauds, scams and identity thefts. These potential risks unduly compromise the vital information of your visitors that is saved on transacting interfaces and shopping portals. In an attempt to secure your online business from such threats and risks, here is a rundown of cyber security tips and actionable pieces of advice. These guidelines can wrap your startup with a strong security cover in 2018.

1) Always Remember: Your Business is Vulnerable, No Matter How Foolproof Your Security Policy Is

Startup owners managing online businesses have to always keep in mind that their online operations are susceptible to frauds. Fraudsters are employing their malicious intelligence to pose serious threats to your business day in and day out. Hence there can never be a foolproof security plan that can protect your website from getting hacked; at all times. However, you can steer clear of obvious security weak points and plug them so as to tread the path of online security.

Once you have an eye fixed on the dark spots of your website, you can come up with a list of worst-case situations that have the power to throw your business out of gear. Not allowing such scenarios to become harsh realities, it pays to go by the belief that every online business has its vulnerabilities that need to be handled in the best possible manner.

2) A Number of Proactive Security Measures Should Be Implemented

Businesses are all about taking risks. However, one risk that should be avoided at all times is to compromise on the security of your online business. Here is a list of all the proactive measures that can be initiated by startup owners in safeguarding their websites from online scams and frauds.

  • In line with the adage that is better to be safe than to be sorry, startup owners should always strive to have automatic system updates that can mitigate the effects of ransomware.
  • Safeguarding your applications and operating systems with automatic security updates is a proactive move. Web browser plugins like Flash should always be up-to-date along with the installation of anti-virus and firewall protective covers to your website.
  • Another intelligent move is to come up with strong and unique passwords which should be changed frequently so as foil all the security-breach attempts of online tricksters.
  • Use of a multi-factor authentication mechanism coupled with employing VPN connections are recommended to provide additional layers of security to your website.
  • As on ongoing security strategy, you should undertake routine security audits. Such audits will uncoversecurity anomalies that demand your attention. Security audits help you review your online accounts and credit reports periodically so that you can make changes to your security policies as and when required.
  • Public Wi-Fi connections are the breeding grounds for online frauds. Hence, logging on to a public Wi-Fi should be avoided while you can use your cellular network to initiate any-time, anywhere browsing.
  • Given the highly volatile nature of cyber security, you can consult a Cyber Security expert. He/she can provide you with advice and timely assistance in improving the safety cover for your website.
  • Backing up your data as copies in a different location is another damage control mechanism concerning cyber security. When you back up your vital information regularly, you will able to secure your data from online thefts, and physical damage. Creating data backups is another means to mitigate the loss caused by a ransomware attack.

3) Secure Data With An SSL Certificate

As a startup owner, you should always be mindful of the unsecured connections that your employees usually connect to. In doing so, it becomes pertinent to work with the mind of a cyber-attacker. Only then will your business unveil all the security loopholes that call for immediate attention. There are a number of unsecured websites with the HTTP domain name that are floating on the World Wide Web. In contrast, there are HTTPS connections which offer an additional layer of security to your personal and business data that is stored online. It is important to note that the “S” in the HTTPS domain name stands for “secured”.

HTTPS connections offer a high-level of data security in contrast to those with the HTTP domain name since they adhere to the cyber security measures provided by an SSL certificate. In an attempt to secure data of your visitors, you can avail the services of an Wildcard Certificate is best for ecommerce website to secure unlimited subdomain hosted under single website. There are many benefits of Wildcard SSL Certificate like search engine ranking boost browser support and site owner can get wildcard SSL certificates from Cheap SSL Shop at $59.50/yr price.

There are many other benefits of Wildcard SSL Certificate like 99% browser support, unlimited server license and unlimited certificate reissue during certificate life span.

4) Use Modern Technologies To Overpower The Malicious Intelligence of Fraudsters

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. This common maxim is apt for cyber security when you have the support of modern technologies to foil the intelligent moves of online tricksters. With every passing day, scammers are coming up with automated and innovative mechanisms that can steal your vital online information.

In an attempt to be one step ahead of online cheats, it is necessary for you to employ critical technologies like Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It is through these advanced technologies that you will be informed of a security breach within a fraction of a second. Through these new technologies, you can not only detect such an instance in a jiffy, you can also add new levels of protection to important transactional interfaces. Data points that are obtained through identity access management and advanced behavioral analytics can provide the much-needed security to online threats.

5) CISOs To Work In Tandem With the Top Management

The role of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is constantly evolving as the top management is having a closer look at the cyber security measures implemented by their business. CISOs of today are expected to play the role of security interpreters educating the decision makers about the increasing cyber threats while explaining the key security risks that endanger their business strategies and the overall growth.

A CISO is also expected to impress upon the top management to make security investments made so as to operate with a strong and secured website. These well-informed and trained professionals should lead by example by demonstrating the “security first” objective to the top management so as to build a Cyber Resilient business environment. It is their prime duty to reiterate the importance of a secured business environment for them to grow and expand with an air of all-time online security.

6) A Close Monitoring of External Threats

With matters concerning cyber security, it always pays to keep your eyes open to any sort of an activity that raises a suspicion. An unusual and anomalous incident that has taken place within or outside your network should raise a red flag. Startup owners will be able to identify such red flags only when they strive to implement certain tactical and strategic threat intelligence mechanisms. With such risk-averting procedures in place, you will be in a strong position to predict the outbreak of a security risk. When early alarms are sounded from automated systems, you will be able to steer clear of all such threats that are caused by online attackers.

7) Establish a Cyber Security Forum

Having information in your hands is a great strength. This is so true especially with every scenario concerning the health and security of your online business website. Businesses can gain a great deal by setting up a Cyber Security community. This forum can become a part of your business blueprint where in your employees can post anything and everything concerning website security. This is another intelligent means for your employees to keep abreast with all that is happening in the security sphere, without actually sweating out. It is through this best practice of exchanging and sharing security-centric information that online businesses can safeguard the privacy of their visitors in a number of ways. 

Key Takeaways

A stitch in time saves nine. In line with this common adage, entrepreneurs in the digital space should take every step with caution. Not leaving any room for risk or experimenting, startups should make cyber security their priority so that they don’t lament over security breaches that will cost them a fortune. All for the sake of creating cyber resilient businesses, it is the need of the hour to protect your data from the preying eyes of the fraudster. All the above-mentioned 7 tips will come handy in mitigating every cyber risk that can throw your business out of gear. With all these pointers in place, you can heave a sigh of relief. You as the promoter of an online startup can take pride in running a secure business that thrives majorly because of proactive cyber security measures.


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