Creating backlinks to your website(s) from other websites for better Search Engine rankings is without doubt one of the most popular ways to get your website to the top of the search engines. Backlinks to your website from other high ranking pages will ultimately give your website a better page rank.

Creating better backlinks for SEOThere are several ways to create quality backlinks to your website such as commenting on other peoples blogs, bookmarking to social bookmarking sites, writing and submitting your articles to articles sites and so on and so on.

Doing all this does take a little time, (ok, it can take a lot of time). For bookmarking sites, you need to create a profile for each site, upload your logo or image, add a description of your service, etc. The nice thing about many of these social bookmarking sites is they do provide you with backlinks to your site(s), but you should really be certain that these sites provide you with a "followable" backlink, not a "nofollow".

There are also a handful of other sites that will also provide you with high quality backlinks that are seldom talked about, and these sites take a matter of minutes to add your domain too and will also provide you with good, high page rank, readable backlinks. These sites are traffic analyzer sites (that may or may not provide you with accurate analysis), but they will work great for backlinking power.

Simply add your domain name to the search to get your evaluation for your site and you will gain an additional "followable" backlink to your website, just like that!

Here is our list of these sites that we recommend you add your domain to:Search Engine Optimization Tips

1) PageRank of 6
2) PageRank 6
3) PageRank 6
4) PageRank
5) PageRank 4
6) PageRank 8
7) PageRank 7

Here is a specific directory for SEO Companies – PageRank 4

"The Moving Man Method"

I received an email from Brian Dean with a pretty crafty way of reaching out to other relevant bloggers and getting them to add a link to your site. Read his article on "How to Get High Quality Backlinks (Without Guest Posting)" from here.

Do you have any other sites that you recommend? Please let us know about them by leaving a comment and thanks for sharing!

The site is listed among seo resources in the directory of seo links.

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