Using twitter to build business relationshipsYou have heard it over and over again, Twitter is not all about you! Twitter is also not all about automation! Twitter is still about building relationships.

Having a good online business relationship with a 'top influencer' on Twitter will have you major advantages over your competition. Having influential people on Twitter re-tweeting you on their page and communicating with you on your page is one of the big factors in being successful on Twitter. Doing this will help you get your message out on Twitter and drive more traffic to your cause than you probably thought possible.

In order to build these valuable relationships, it all starts with the basics that you will hear at any sales seminar. You have to develop your relationship with a "Like, Know, Trust". A good way for you to get that is to "Listen, Engage and Participate".

There are several techniques to getting new fans on Twitter, many of which are automated. We are not saying that you should not (to some degree) automate Twitter, but we must also warn that you can automate yourself completely out of the online business if you take automation to far.

Do you feel Twitter is not working for you or would you like to get more out of twitter? Either way, one of the keys to your Twitter success may be as simple as to start using it. Not everyone is getting out of Twitter what they want and from what we have seen,  there is a consistent reason. Lot's of people have a Twitter account, but very few are using their Twitter account.

Use Twitter Tools to Build Relationships with Other "Influential" Tweeters.

Using tools that are available to us can be a great help in not only some of the automation process, but also in the relationship building process!  Understand that by using good automation tools you are only building a better engine for your vehicle, you  will still need to keep your eyes on the road.

The key to all of this is understanding it is not in the amount of followers you have on Twitter, but the amount of followers you have on Twitter that are actually participating and sharing what you are tweeting.

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

Create Your Following by Targeting Others

Some of your most influential followers may come from 'hunting' them out first. You have to show the top influencers that you are serious before they will ever take you seriously. Once you gain their appreciation and trust, there is a better chance that they will then, in return, start sharing what you are offering with their followers… and their followers sharing it with theirs followers, so on and so on until it goes 'viral'… that is how it works, but that is only where it starts.

By using good automation tools, you are only building a better engine.
You will still need to keep your eyes on the road.

Using the Right Tools for Twitter is Also Part of the Right Twitter Strategy.

In many cases you will have to be the one that:

  • Engages: Creates the conversation and/or the initial contact.
  • Replies: After you engage with others, watch to see who is listening.
  • Re-Engages: Using tools like Hootsuite will allow you to do more than only see who is re-tweeting, mentioning and direct messaging you. It will allow you to see much more insight into that persons Social Influence.

'Influence' Bio

Find someone in your niche and/or someone who you admire that you feel has a large Social Influence.

By engaging these people and sharing what they have with your followers will be enough to start the process.

Before your spend effort, learn about these people first to make sure they are:

1) For Real.
2) Would be a positive influence with your 'Social Presence' that you are creating.

Hootsuite gives you that at a Glance

Hootsuite Bio

'Influence' Insight

Before you follow who you think would be a good Social Influence for your cause,  you will want to find out what they are doing, what they are saying and who they are saying it with.

Hootsuite will give you links to their major Social Networks. This is what separates the pros from the amateurs.

The pros will actually take a little time to research people enough to know what their interests are.

By taking just a few moments, you can contact these people knowing what interests them or by already knowing common ground.

Knowing what interests them, now you can tweet:  "@Influencer, saw this and thought of you .. https://link"

Hootsuite Insight

Though this is only one of hundreds of techniques to use, this one can get someones attention… now you just need to be watching when they reply.

  • Once you have their attention, keep their attention by re-engaging that person. It may be as simple as a:
    "@influencer – #Goodmorning Enjoying Your Tweets"
  • Just having them re-tweet that message to their thousands and thousands of 'active' followers can get you a lot of traffic from curious people who want to see who was re-tweeted.

Step 1 to Going Viral

It is important to also understand that when someone who is a large Social Influence re-tweets you, it is likely that tweet will show up in several other locations they have profiles, such as LinkedIn and Facebook… where they also have a large following. An experienced Tweeter is sure to have their Twitter RSS FEEDS set up to go to many other 'hidden' locations that result in extra amplification.

Again, this is just the start, but it is also one of the major differences between people who just have a Twitter account and those that are using a Twitter account to grow their online business.


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