Google Plus RSS Feed

Looking to use your Google+ as a RSS Feed? Here is how you do it!

Google+ profiles officially do not support RSS feeds, but you can you create and subscribe to a RSS feed for your Google+ profile. Creating a RSS Feed for your Google+ account will allow you add the feed to your reader and track that Google+ profile in a RSS reader. This will also allow you to feed your posts into Hootsuite or LinkedIn?

In order for you to use your Google+ account as an RSS Feed, you must find a program which can bring your stream to feeds. Here it is! Visit the unofficial Google+ User Feed creator at This lets you create the RSS feed for any Google+ Profile. Its very easy to set up.

To subscribe to the feed of a particular user, just grab the Google+ Profile id for the user. To get this profile id click on the name of the user you want to subscribe to and you will see a url like this :

The url :

The Google+ Profile id for this user is the 21 digit number after For the url above the id is:

  • Google+ Profile Id: 115040016834931211976

Once you have the Google+ Profile id, add it to the end of , so it looks like this:

  • Feed Url:  /115040016834931211976

Now you can add the newly formed url to your Google Reader or any other feed reader to follow this user through a RSS Feed.

One only limitation with this app is the feed will only display *public* items. If none of the posts are public, they won't show up in the feed.

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