How to Create an Online Profile for BusinessUPDATED 02/04/2013 – What the Perfect Online Profile Looks Like: Whether you decide to use LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social media avenues to advertise your business and yourself, you must be aware of the significance the profile holds.

You may use many of the sites to increase your exposure. This makes it important, then, to be consistent across all of the profiles that will be used for business purposes.

Your business profile should have a professional look and feel to it. Go ahead and discuss your crazier side on your personal page. Just make sure that none of your best friend’s bachelor party pics show up on your business pages with you in a less than sober or otherwise embarrassing state.

Profile First Impressions

The first thing your viewers (and potential clients!) will see is your photo and the old saying about first impressions is certainly relevant here. Center the photo and make it a close up shot of your face for best results. Check on the thumbnail to see what it will look like as well, as it will be a bit smaller and cropped. Seeing your image on a regular basis will give viewers a psychological feeling that they know you, even if they have never met you. Use the picture indefinitely once you have found one you think will work.

The information section lets viewers get to know you a little. Briefly list your educational information, professional associations and organizations, and anything else you think might be relevant. The more people can read up about you, the more they will feel an acquaintance with you. List websites you maintain and blogs you write on. This will give interested parties more places to go to see what you are all about.

Creating Profile Pictures and Logos

Social Media Profile and Image sizes change often. For a complete up to date list, see image sizes for a variety of Social Media Sites

Profile Pics and Company Logos: You should have a variety of picture sizes available in both a business logo and a personal head and shoulder pic. Some social networking and article sites do no allow company logo's and they all have different picture size requirements. It's always good to create a folder on your hard drive so you can easily locate them when you need them. Here are a couple of size suggestions for your photo sizes.


  • Facebook's new Header size is 720px wide x 265px tall. Think outside the box on this one, having that much height allows you to display not only your image, but other information such as text.
  • Facebook Thumbnails below the image can also now have their own thumbnail images that you can edit and upload from your ADMIN PANEL-> MANAGE -> EDIT PAGE -> APPS -> EDIT SETTINGS. These image sizes are 111px tall x 74px wide

Logo and Profile Pic 300px by 300px – (square) – This size will be compatible to most profiles you create and it will be compressed to look sharp.

Banners 960px wide x 130px high – Most Banners (Header image across top of page), for your WordPress page and other profile sites that allow them will typically accept this size.

Page Background Images 1,900px wide x 1,200px high – Sites like (see our examples) Twitter, Amplify, YouTube and several others will allow you to upload background images for your profiles. 1,900px x 1,200px is a good common size to use.

Facebook Group Pages

A common mistake business's make is creating a Facebook Group Page. Group Pages are usually not recommended if you have your own business. Start your own Business page rather than creating a Group Page. Groups are designed for several people with like interests to communicate and stay in touch. If you do create or join a group page, any group you want to be associated with should be relevant to your business on your business profile.

Game Applications on Your Business Profile

Applications are available by the thousands and cover all sorts of different business oriented subjects as well as ways in which you can waste your time. Big tip here: Do not subscribe to games like Farmville or Pot Farm or similar "games" on your business oriented page. Every time you play it will come across on your feed. Chances are, this will not impress your potential clients and associates. Remember that what you put in your profile is the image that you present as a business person.

Get Started with a Facebook Page

Facebook has changed the lingo a little, Fan Pages (aka business pages) are what they now call just a "Page". Pages are indexed by Google where as your Profile (used to be known as personal page), are not. We highly suggest you create a Profile before you create a Page on Facebook. After you have created a Profile, you can build your Page from

Remember, it would be better not to create a Page at all than to have something that does not give you that professional look that will give your company instant credibility and keep your hard-earned visitors coming back.

Happy Profile Creating!

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