One of the challenges many website owners have is creating natural or quality back-links from sites with good reputations. One of the first things you should do is submit your site to Security Verification sites that offer security and reputation verification for your domain.

Online Security Verification SitesThere are several high ranking Security Verification websites that you should get you sites on immediately for some valuable back-links to your site.

Adding the Sites Meta Tag Verification to Your Website

With all the sites listed below, you will have to verify your site by adding a meta tag to your pages head section.

If you have a HTML site, you will want to add these tags in the head section of your website.

If your site is made with WordPress and are unsure how to add a meta tag to your home pages head section, there is a plugin you can add that will allow you to simply add the meta tag. One of those plugins is the "Meta Tag Manager". After installing it you will see it in your 'Settings" section.

Security Verification Sites

Many people use plugins on the their search pages, like Alexa, Norton, McAfee and the like that give a "quality" or "security" rating for your site. This basically provides the searcher a site a trust score to your domain in the search results.

The other big benefit to this is when you register on these sites, in almost all cases you can create a profile, adding your domain name giving you an invaluable back-link as well as a "verified trust rating".

Here are a few Security Verification sites that I recommend that you verify your site with;






Step One: Create your FREE account from (Click the "sign up" under the FREE button)

Step Two: Enter your domain name

Step Three: New user? Enter your email address and choose "No, I am a new User"the click "Continue"

Step Four: Click 'Get Details'

Step Four: Claim Your Site by adding the "meta name="alexaVerifyID" to the head section of your website. (Alexa offers a few different methods, be sure to copy ONLY the "Or, in its own meta tag" section.)

Step Five: Click the Verify my ID (Sometimes it takes a few minutes after adding your meta tag. If your site does not verify immediately, give it a few minutes and try again.)







Step One: Create your FREE account from

Step Two: From enter your domain name

Step Three: You should see the "Untested" emblem and under that click the "Site Owner? Click here" Link.

Step Four: Click "Add Site". A pop-up will appear where you can enter your sites information.

Step Five: After adding your domain you will see "ownership not verified". Click the "Verify your site" link and choose "Meta Tag"

Step Six: Add the Meta Tag to your sites head section and then click "verify".

HINT: If you repeatedly get the "Verification Failed" message, click the "Submit Feedback" button and choose "I completed the meta tag verification steps, but my site ownership is still not verified." and then click submit. They will verify your site manually.


WOT - Web of Trust






Step One: Register for an account from

Step Two: Add your domain to the "Check a website's reputation"

Step Three: Click the "Click here if you own this site" button.

Step Four: Click the "Begin the process" button.

Step Five: Copy the Meta tag and add it to your sites Head section.

Step Six: Click "Verify"

Step Seven: Click "Proceed to next step" twice to claim your site.

HINT: WOT will also allow you to create a Profile that you can also add links to your other Social Media Sites.





Step One: Goto

Step Two: Click "Request a Review"

Step Three: In ratings choose "safe" then choose the category(s) for your site. You can hold the "Ctrl" button to choose more than one category. entire the CAPTCHA code and then click "Submit".



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