Building Quality Backlinks for SEOIf you want to start building high quality and relevant backlinks to your website there are several influences and considerations that can increase or decrease your results on the Search Engines.

It is important to understand that when you are creating quality backlinks they should be in the same niche, relevant to the subject of your website. The only real exception to this would be when you are "profile building" on other Social Media and Bookmarking sites. The page where your link is located should be indexed by Google and the page should also have a Google Pagerank.

The website where your link is located should also not contain more "followable" (vs. "unfolowable") out-going links (external links) to other websites than inbound links (internal links).  Pages with tons of out-going links are less relevant to the search engines. Having your link posted on this type of website can affect your Search Engine rankings in a negative way.

How do you find Pagerank? How do you know if links within the website are followable or non-followable? How do you know if a site has more outgoing links than inbound links?

Other excellent techniques of acquiring backlinks are directory submissions, posting articles, leaving comments on relative blogs and forums.

Directory Submissions

For directory submissions select the proper directory category and take a look at how many other websites are contained in the category where your link would be posted, if you can manage to get on the first or second page of the listings, this is a quality backlink. Also look at the Google Pagerank of the landing page for your link. If the page has a Google Pagerank this is also a quality backlink.

Stay within your category, relevant content is very important to the Search Engines. Write an article that is relevant in content and subject matter to your website and submit the article to high quality article directories and bookmarking sites. If you are posting directly to your blog, be sure to take the time and Bookmark it to a few high quality bookmarking sites. Try to be a little unique with each title, tag and description when you do.

Submitting to Blogs

Blogs are an excellent way to get quality one-way backlinks, Blog sites also receive tons of traffic, which in turn give your site more exposure. Posting your link on relative forum pages to your niche is also an efficient method of aquiring backlinks instantly because most will require you to create a profile including you website/blog link.

Backlinks to avoid would be a website with a Pagerank of zero, especially if the home page has a zero Pagerank (subpages with a low Pagerank are typically ok as long as the home page has a high Pagerank). Avoid using iframes on your website to pages with links. This will cause these website to steal your traffic.

Look Out for Link Farms

Especially avoid link farms, websites which contain more than 100 unrelated outgoing links. This type of link page is frowned upon by many major search engines.

Avoid Websites with mirror sites containing the exact same content with a different URL, also pages that utilize redirects and URL cloaking. Never post your link on a website that contains a "no follow" or "no index" robots meta tag within the source code. Dynamic websites with question marks in the URL should be looked at more closely or simply avoid them because they are not always indexed by the search engines.

Here are a few of other things you should try your best to avoid:

  • Refrain from posting your link on a page that opens very slow or contains mostly ads and flash banners.
  • Abstain acquiring or purchasing a great number of backlinks in a short period of time, backlinks should be accumulated gradually.
  • Also avoid websites and directories that list their results in alphabetical order, as their database increases your link could be moved to a less relevant page with less Pagerank.


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