There are several ways to create backlinks to your website and get some extra SEO-Juice, but one of the keys is to create them naturally with your company profile within the correct niche.

"Social bookmarking will help you to get the SEO backlinks for your site which will boost your site SERP."


Creating better backlinks for SEOWhen you post your bookmarks on the social sites, the audience that views them is increased manifold. As the viewership for your product, blog, page etc increases, it is form of publicity and branding. There are also chances that many of the viewers will link to your sites.

This will help you in search engine optimization too. Thus if you bookmark good and interesting content, you will have more visibility for yourself on the Internet. 

One of the companies that we recommend that will do this for you is Backlinks Flow. Their price is extremely reasonable and they give you a full report of all the profiles created.

This company will submit your web site to a number of social bookmarking websites like Digg,delicous and a1bookmark which will give you seo backlinks Submission to Social Internet websites will improve your web site’s Page Rank and will improve the volume.

And to make these submissions more natural, they allow you to give up to 10 unique titles and descriptions for their social bookmarking service.

Prices Range From:

  • 120+ Backlinks for only $2.00
  • 220+ Backlinks for only $4.00
  • 320+ Backlinks for only $7.00
  • 420+ Backlinks for only $9.00
  • 520+ Backlinks for only $12.00
  • 1,000+ Backlinks for only $22.00

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