Are people opening your emails or are they simply marking it as read and moving on? People take only a second or two to decide if they want to throw your email into the trash or not. That's why you need to stay sharp on what you send.

3 Email Conversion Rate Mistakes to Avoid

Here are 3 Email conversion rate mistakes to avoid with email marketing. Stay away from these mistakes that'll hurt your email conversion rate.

1) Asking for too Much

Allot of email marketers will ask too much on landing page forms. This gets people overwhelmed. People get tired of filling out forms, so ask for as less as possible… at first.

First name and email address are enough for starting out. You can collect more information later.

2) Flooding People's Inbox

To impress subscribers, people often end up flooding their inbox with lots of emails.

This is one of the main reasons people unsubscribe, so don't irritate them.

Send a modest amount of emails on a consistent basis. That's how you'll be able to keep them engaged and bring them to your landing page.

3) Boring Content

These days, people don't have a lot of time. They scan content. And if that content doesn't interest them, they throw away the email in trash.

You get a very short time span (about 10-15 seconds) to grab them, so you need to make the magic happen within that 10-15 seconds.

A few things your can do to create more engaging emails

  • Make your copy easily digestible with bullets, Italics, and Bolds.
  • Use fascinating images.
  • Use short paragraphs to ease their eyes.
  • Use humor in your writing.


Improvement in conversion rate means more people are taking your offer. Band together above-mentioned tips and mistakes and you’ll see your conversion rate steadily going up.

But remember one thing, the type of your business, your audience and few other things like these impact heavily on your conversion rate.

Following the best practices and running tests will uplift your email conversion rate. You have to hustle it, dig out the data and work accordingly. That’s how you get a conversion rate you can be proud of.

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