Mobile game development is the process to bring a game concept or idea into a playable reality.

The way it works is an Android game development company hires a potential team of Android game developers, 3D designers, concept artists, and other talents who can fulfill the game's needs and requirements to make it interactive and engaging for the players.

How to Choose the Best Android Game Development Company?

The dedicated team of game development professionals must comprise skills such as creativity to build engaging storylines and a realistic gaming environment to develop high-quality Android game development, problem-solving skills, animation, teamwork, and time management.

Which programming language is best for mobile game development?

The professional team of game developers uses different types of coding languages based on the project requirements and the gaming platforms, some of the most popular mobile game development languages are JavaScript, C++, C#, HTML5, Kotlin, and Swift.  Some of the high-quality game engines used by Android game developers are Phaser, Unity, and Impact.js.

The best Android game development company always has incredible experience in handling projects for different industries with a team of talented individuals who worked on popular game development projects. Choosing the right game development company that consists of a skilled team of developers is challenging. In this blog, we will discuss the top 6 ways to consider before choosing the best Android game development company.

Top 6 ways before choosing the Best Android game development company

  1. Industry experience
  2. Mobile game development services/ Technical expertise
  3. Android game development portfolio
  4. Development process
  5. Cost of mobile game development
  6. Client testimonials or reviews

1. Industry experience

Before choosing your Android game development company, check out their relevant industry experience. Having a strong background in developing games for different industries stands out the company's performance by analyzing their technical expertise in various programming languages, game engines, and development processes. Also, the industry experience defines the market value of the best Android game development company.

2. Mobile game development services & Technical Expertise

Android game development companies develop games based on their technical expertise and based on the requirements of the clients. Pick a game development company in India that aligns with your Android game development requirements and analyze the technologies they are well versed in such as augmented reality, virtual reality, programming languages, Unity or Unreal engine.

3. Android game development portfolio

A portfolio is a reflection of your past projects, So, before choosing an Android game development company, analyze their Android game development project portfolios and select the company that closely matches your skills and requirements for the mobile application development company.

There are different Android game development projects such as puzzle games, casual games, card games, board games, casino games, runner games, sports games, and hyper-casual games. A portfolio showcases the entire expertise of Android game development services and the quality they have delivered to their clients.

4. Development process

Game development consists of 4 essential development stages i.e., planning, pre-production, production, and testing.

  • Planning: This stage of game development is the root of every game development project to bring initial ideas to the table to plan the building of characters, environments, budget, target audience, and platform to build the games.
  • Pre-production: Here, in this stage, different departments collaborate by brainstorming ideas and planning to execute them effectively. The Android team consists of developers, designers, writers, concept artists, engineers, and project leads to build the interactive, fun, and engaging look & feel of the Android game.
  • Production: The production stage is the most challenging stage of game development as it comprises the stage where your characters and environment get life and movement. In the production stage characters are developed as visualized by the development team at the initial stage. The audio design department works on the different elements of sound effects every time your character steps outside on the sand, water, or any other surface. Developing these characters and inserting sounds during the movements or actions of the character brings authenticity to the game. 3D designers create an immersive environment that suits the gameplay and its theme, Voice artists contribute by giving voice to the characters and making the storyline of the game more authentic, Developers code to bring every gaming concept and imagination into reality. Moreover, the project lead helps to manage the project by collaborating with different departments and updating the client on the development progress. The project lead set milestones and schedules meetups with the client to address any improvement or feedback on the production process.
  • Testing: This stage of Android game development is one of the most significant stages before launching the game among your gaming audience. Here the testing team detects any bugs, areas or levels, the quality of the game, and the movement of the character, checking the dialogues and mouth movements at the same time. Overall testing the entire Android game based on different levels inside the game.

5. Cost of mobile game development

The cost of mobile game development project varies based on the complexity of your Android game development project, platform compatibility, art assets, game development team, and game mechanics. Check out the average market price of your project based on your project requirements. Also, don’t forget to compare different game development companies in India before choosing the best game development services.

6. Client testimonials or reviews

The client testimonials or reviews are the reflections of the quality of your game development project quality. The more the client satisfaction rate the better would be the ratings of the game development services. Therefore, analyzing the client testimonials is an important step before trusting Android game development services.

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The best Android game development company understands all your potential requirements for the project and keeps you updated with your project milestones. Before picking a game development company for your next Android game development project, you must consider the above best 6 ways to achieve successful project delivery.


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