I don't think anyone will say they don't need or want to get more Social Media Media Engagement from their blogs. Recently I came across a great WordPress Plugin that will give any WordPress blog the opportunity to do just that.

Get more Social Media Engagement from your blog?

Place your mouse over the image above and see what happens!

So, do you want more people sharing your images and content on popular Social Media Channels like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter? If so, here you go.

A few month ago I came across a site that when you put your mouse over the image, share buttons for Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter appeared.. I thought it was cool as all heck, but when I searched for the plugin I came up empty handed.

Yesterday though, thanks to Squirrly, I found it on their website by accident. I was actually copying a small snippet of text for one of my articles, and something cool happened and I found the plugin!

Grow Your Website Traffic with SumoMe

Not only will this WordPress Plugin help you get more image shares, it also allows people to highlight a snippet of text within your article and share it as well. ie. How to get more Social Media Shares from your WordPress Sites! (Place and click your mouse over that and see what happens.)

How SumoMe Works:

SumoMe has 3 Free Apps.

1) Image Sharer – Get your images shared way more often

Image Sharer

  • Increase social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Asynchronous load timing helps your website load quickly
  • Images have higher engagement on social networks
  • Install image sharing in literally seconds
  • All image shares include links back to your post

2) Highlighter – Increase your content sharing significantly!


  • Enable highlight of any text on your page
  • Get way more shares on Facebook and Twitter
  • Offer ability to share any content via Facebook or Twitter
  • Works instantly

3) Listbuilder – Increase your daily email sign ups by 20%

List Builder

  • Easy newsletter integration with MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor
  • Asynchronous load timing helps your website load quickly
  • Quickly integrate with any WordPress theme
  • Total control over the design and timing of your newsletter popover
  • Popover/popup proven to significantly increase email subscriptions
  • Optional smart email popover timing

Read more about how you can get more Social Media engagement and how to download the plugin and install it (which is painfully simple) from the SumoMe Website.

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