Writing new and engaging content every time might become very difficult for bloggers as it is almost inconceivable for a human being to come up with creative ideas every day.

There are times when you need to read other blogs and take concepts from them. But you cannot simply copy and republish their content; here comes the need and help of paraphrasing.

​You have to choice to either paraphrase manually or use a paraphrasing tool. It is an efficient way to recreate an idea.

In this article, we have discussed paraphrasing and a few useful tips for bloggers to rewrite content using a paraphrasing tool.

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is known as the rewriting or recreating an idea or information that is already said or written by someone else.

It is important to maintain the original meaning and concept of the source article to give a clear understanding to the reader.

It is a technique that works wonders for all either you are a blogger, content writer, teacher, student, or marketer etc.

Is paraphrasing important for bloggers?

Yes, if not necessary, it surely is important for bloggers. Coming up with new ideas and writing unique content all by yourself cannot be an easy task.

It will require a lot of time and energy that a blogger might be unable to provide as he has to publish blogs almost every day.

But when you are paraphrasing, you don’t need to start from scratch. This will help you to use someone else’s idea by giving it a new shape.

Types of paraphrasing

There are two types of paraphrasing

    1. Manual paraphrasing
    2. Paraphrasing tools

Tips for bloggers to rewrite content using online paraphrasing tools

It is a must for a blogger to publish unique blogs every time. But it would take a lot of time and effort.

In this regard, paraphrasing tools are a great help to them as they will provide results quickly without much hassle.

Paraphrasing tools work on the latest AI-based technologies to understand the source text briefly and provide relevant paraphrased content.

Here are a few tips and features that bloggers can get by using paraphrasing tools to create unique content.

1. Create New Content

Paraphrasing is the art of creating new and fresh content to make it interesting and different from the usual.

Bloggers can use online paraphrasing tools to enhance the quality of their content and produce unique text. The tool is quicker and safer.

Our top pick is Rephrase.info, this tool helps to write precise and engaging content. It also maintains the original meaning of the source text.


These tools help you to change the wording of the source text in a more engaging and meaningful way. It will give a fresh outlook to your boring text.

The tools will alter the complete structure of the content to make it entirely different. It will feel like freshly unique created content that will be different from the source text.

2. Remove Plagiarism

Plagiarism is known as the copying of someone else’s text and using it in your content. It is a great threat to your work.

A blogger is bound to publish unique, plagiarism-free content. A plagiarised text will ruin the insights and rankings of the blog and will result in the loss of audience.

Online paraphrasing tools not only help you to produce fresh content but also generate a plagiarism report that will help you to eliminate every plagiarised phrase from your text to make it unique and reliable.

These tools will rewrite the content entirety, so there is no chance of plagiarism. The tools rephrase all the sentences efficiently while maintaining the original meaning of the source.

3. Enhance content Readability

Bloggers are advised to use paraphrasing tools because they also help to enhance the quality and reliability of the content.

Blogs are meant to attract readers, and a difficult to read blog will definitely cause issues to the readers; hence they will be urged to leave your blog.

If the blog has a high level of difficult wording, it will become unappealing to the reader. While paraphrasing tools will help the bloggers to write simpler sentences that are readable by the masses.

This improved readability will attract more viewers resulting in a greater audience on your blog and higher search engine rankings.

4. Save Time

Manual paraphrasing requires a lot of time, effort, and understanding. While paraphrasing tools are a great way to save your time as these are quick in generating outputs.

You only have to copy-paste or upload your text in the tool, click on the Paraphrase button, and it will generate your fresh and unique content within a few seconds.

5. Improve Structure

While paraphrasing, it is very important to maintain the original meaning of the source, and the rephrased structure of the sentences must be understandable.

Online paraphrasing tools help bloggers to recreate an idea by improving its sentence structure. These tools ensure the quality of the content and do not disrupt the readability by structuring poorly.

6. Precision

Bloggers are supposed to publish accurate information. A lit mistake might cost them a lot. By using an online paraphrasing tool, this stress is relieved.

These tools ensure to paraphrase content that is accurate and precise. The newly created text is perfect for the requirements of the bloggers.


Bloggers are advised to use online paraphrasing tools to achieve their everyday unique blog requirements. These tools are quick and time-saving.  


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