Case Study: How To Start A Business Venture When You Are Already Working Full-Time, A Parent And Can Only Invest $100/ Month

“If it doesn’t cost you in money, it costs you in time.”

Start A Business Venture When Working Full-Time

Heard that one before? The old adage is perfectly true.

But believe it or not, it’s perfectly normal to start a business venture with almost none of these two resources.

Crazy? For sure. Impossible? Certainly not. I’ll show you how…

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Frederic Cottart from Strasbourg, France. I hold a bachelor’s in law and I am a 9-5 worker on top of my “passion business”, a web design agency called Strasdesign.

I’m married, we have a six-year-old, and we share our home with a cute mini-lop rabbit.

Does this sound familiar to you?

That delicate “juggling act” between developing your passion and being a real-life adult isn’t a new one, after all.

Our jobs provide just enough to pay the bills (plus a few extras), but they don’t free up many resources for growing a business – so I asked myself:

“If I had just $100 to spend on Strasdesign, what’s the one thing that would get the greatest benefit?”

Oh, one more thing: until recently, I didn’t know a thing about marketing… and have absolutely no connections(!)

It’s the same story for a lot of us “web guys”… My passion is to code attractive, mobile responsive websites for startup entrepreneurs on a shoestring budget – what do I know about “marketing strategy”?

It’s not the kind of thing they teach in most web design courses, and I’ll bet you it’s not on everyone’s lips in your industry, either.

So the question is:

How can I solve this problem?

  • Quit my job? It’s possible but it’s risky. My wife would have a few things to say!
  • Quit my family? No way!
  • Be in more than one place at the same time? If only!

Well, remember I told you it’s not impossible? Here, I’ll break down into 5 steps the way I’ve been able to maintain my busy life AND create a new business.

How To Start A Business Venture When You Are Already Working Full-Time, A Parent And Can Only Invest $100/ Month

View/Download my Free 5 Step Case Study PDF, and I’ll save you a load of
cash, time, and trouble…

View the PDF from HERE


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