How to Make Money from Your Social Media SitesWould you like to make a little extra income from your social media profiles without annoying the heck out of your friends and followers? It's pretty simple, create a blog.

Even today, I still see so many opportunities missed by businesses to easily earn extra money from social media by simply creating a blog.

Here is an example. Have you ever heard, "I don't need a website" from a business? If I had a dollar for every-time I have… I wouldn't be writing this post.

So let's take that "I don't need a website" thinking for business, show you what they are missing and then show you how you can apply the same techniques to make extra money from your own personal social media profileswithout annoying the heck out of your followers.

Locally there is a business that said "I don't need a website". I bought the domain name, didn't do anything with it for a year. After asking the business owner several times to pay me to build it, I asked permission do it for free, but I would hold control of the website and domain name, etc. Done, built it.

After adding content and got it looking the way we wanted, I later wrote one post that drives over 12,000 hits a month! I then turned that one post into money.

Estimated Blog Earnings

Yes.. that is one post… so imagine what happens when you post more than once to your blog? Money!

Estimated Lifetime Blog Earnings

More posts turn into more traffic… and with traffic comes opportunity. You can now easily, and very discreetly make money from your traffic you create from your social media sites.

Here is how:

  1. Create a blog. (Only one premium theme I recommend for this type of marketing – Flexsqueeze)
  2. Create a Google adsense account (there are many more)
  3. Post to your blog
  4. Share your blog posts to your social media sites
  5. Make money from your social media traffic

That is how business do it and you can too! Think about how many times you share images on social media that you see, someone else is the end receiver of the benefits. Well turn that person into you! When you share stuff, share it to your blog first, then share it to your personal page.

When ever someone likes it, shares it you get the traffic to your blog! Then once people are on your blog, you can have subtle ads, links, affiliate products from amazon and the list goes on, and on and on of things you can market on your blog!

It can be as simple as an image that you post! As simple as a something you found and liked. Share it one your blog first and then share that post to your social media sites!

Consider if you will that your blog is the Big Top at a fair. When you get the traffic into your big top, you only have so many exits. Those are your adsense and affiliate links. That simple. When people click an ad, you make a few cents to a couple bucks or more. When people buy from an affiliate link, you make a percentage of the sale.

This slide show below I created in 2013 for businesses, I edited it a bit, but the principle would be the same as a business would use social media to drive traffic to their website/blog.

How to Earn Money from Your Social Media Profile

If you don't have one already, you will want to see if you can get your own name as a domain name. If your name as a domain name is unavailable, try adding middle initial or add-a-dash between first and last name.

I also understand from doing plenty of workshops that I can lose people at "buy a domain name", or if it's not there, then I will lose more at "get a hosting account". If I haven't lost you there, there is good chance you will have got so frustrated at installing and learning WordPress, you will give up.

I don't want you to give up! If you need some help, contact me. I will make it a win-win for both of us.

Cheers and to your Success!

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