Are you happy with your company's online image or do you even have one? Creating a professional online image is more important today than ever before.

More people start their searches for companies just like yours online and if you are not easily found, your sale is going to go to someone's website that is getting found.

It wasn't that long ago that the only thing you had to do to get noticed on the Search Engines was buy a domain name, submit it to a couple of Search Engines and you were good to go. Today it is so much different

Using social networks to promote your business will not only give you a tremendous amount of credibility, but also make it easier for people searching for a service like yours to find you. Why is this?

Are people finding your website on the Search Engines?

Is your website being found online?

The answer is fairly simple. When ever you create a new social networking profile, many of these sites allow you to add a description of your service, company profile, logo and more importantly a backlink to your website or blog.

It is also very common that the social networking service you are signing up for will also allow you to add links to your other social networking services as well. Though they all may not be "followable" backlinks by the search engines, they do get indexed, they will get clicks and you will grow followers on all your networks over time by really doing nothing at all.

What does all this mean? More backlinks, more indexing power for your website, an easier way to get your message out to your followers and an unmeasured amount of added credibility.

Why are so few taking advantage of the Social Media opportunities? Here are the two most frequent answers we get when we ask:

  1. No Time
    Once you have your "online network" correctly set up, you can submit one article and have it go out to several if not all of your social networking sites automatically. Without knowing how to set this up, yes, posting on all your social networks could be a full time job. But really it's as easy as creating a blog and submitting good articles to it.
  2. We don't know how to do it
    While this may be a good excuse for not doing it, it is not a valid one. There are many companies like ours that are available to not only set the whole matrix up for you, but to also maintain it and keep it fresh with new content relative to your industry and/or service.

Of all the websites on the World Wide Web, over 93% of those sites never get indexed by the major search engines. Could one of those sites be yours?

Get started today by creating your companies Social Networking sites and get ready to start seeing more targeted traffic visiting your website and as a result, more visibility by the search engines and more internet sales!

If you need help, don't be afraid to ask for help!

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