After years of tweeting tweets, have we heard everything there is to say about Twitter results?

Follow the SEO-Alien on Twitter!Twitter's isn't so new any more, (Launched July, 2006) so we thought the timing was right to ask, Is Twitter even worth the time or are you getting great results? What is your opinion about Twitter? Are companies that are not using Twitter missing something?

The more you use Twitter, the more you will hear the same sort of questions or maybe you may have the same questions yourself. Questions like, "How do I use Twitter" and "Is Twitter really worth it"?

Everyone seems to have a different answer. Those answers, of course, are based on different user experiences with Twitter.

Naturally, peoples results and opinions will vary greatly depending on what "niche" they use Twitter for, how they use or don't use Twitter.

Regardless of your experience with Twitter, how your use Twitter or what you use Twitter for, we would appreciate you sharing your opinion. What would your answer be to the question below?

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