If you could only have one of the following, FaceBook, Twitter or Linkedin, what Social Networking site would you use to promote your business?

Are you using Social Media sites to attract new visitors to your websites? If so, how is it working for you? We have heard all sides of the "Using Social Media to Sell" story, some people just don't believe it works, some people are even afraid to use it, others Google's Page Rank Formulathink Social Media is a fad and then there are some that will even tell you that Social Media and Selling don't mix. We believe it's all in the way you use it, or in other words, all in the delivery.

Looking at our Google Analytics for yesterday, we couldn't help but notice two of our main referrals were FaceBook and Twitter, Google was #3. Is Social Media Working for you? We can say with-out a shadow of a doubt that is is working for us and we hope you can say the same. Our FaceBook referrals have at least twice as many page views than our twitter referrals though, so are Twitter referrals not as good? It was because of these figures we thought we would ask your opinion of lead quality and your overall opinion of three of the bigger Social Networking Sites.

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