Why tweeting to Facebook is un-coolAre you tweeting your tweets to Facebook? If you are you may want to consider some of the downsides of using any RSS feed into your Facebook Posts.

Prevent Sending Friends Steady Streams of Twitter Sewage.

Most business are instructed by some "speaker" or "trainer" to use RSS Feeds to "speed things up" without teaching first, how to use Twitter. There is a good argument to speed things up, but the only thing your speeding up by posting tweets to Facebook is how quickly your followers will un-follow.

Please don't misunderstand us, we are not saying Twitter doesn't have it's place or purpose and that you should not use RSS Feeds… just don't use the Twitter to Facebook Feed!

 "I am to lazy to log into Facebook, so I set up this feed so I can send you random junk"

As a result of posting to Facebook, you will most likely cause duplicate, triplicate (or more) of the same post ending up elsewhere because somewhere down the road you will want to hook up your Facebook posts and Twitter tweets to another account such as Linkedin.

The Result of doing this will be your twitter tweet now go to LinkedIn and so does your Facebook post… now both appear, usually right under another, looking like it is coming from a spammer even lessening the chances of anyone wanting to click your valuable offer.

One of the many reasons and results of using your Twitter feed on Facebook.

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