How to Get Indexed Almost Immediately by GoogleCan you get any article/post or squeeze page indexed almost immediately by Google? Yes, you can. Here is how you can get any article or squeeze page indexed on Google using Google Webmaster Tools.

Here is a tip on how to get indexed by Google almost immediately that I have been keeping in my back pocket now for several years and I thought it was time to share it.

One of the reasons I was keeping it to myself was I wanted to be sure that doing this wasn't hurting SEO in any way and after doing this for several years now, I can tell you it works without any harm.

A great example of using this is to index squeeze pages and if anyone tells you that Google won't index squeeze pages (aka capture pages), then they don't know this little tip. Using this Google Webmaster Tools I have had squeeze pages with very little content get indexed on the first page of Google for very competitive search phrases.

Keep in mind, that any squeeze page needs to have the correct meta tags to help it in the SERPS, but articles on your website should be no problem.

How to Get Indexed by Google in Minutes!

Using Google Webmaster tools there is a feature called "Fetch as Google". After submitting your URL you can then "Submit to index" and doing so will almost instantaneously index your article and/or squeeze page to Google.

Get Indexed Almost Immediately by Google

Obviously, the first thing is you must have your site added to Google Webmaster Tools. If you have not, click here and add your site. If your site has a sitemap, you should also add it as well. After that is complete, follow the steps below.

Get Indexed Almost Immediately by Google



Steps 1 & 2)  From the left hand menu of your Google Webmaster Tools for the particular website, 1) put your mouse over "Crawl" and click. 2) in the drop-down menu click "Fetch as Google"



Step 3) Submit the URL extension into the Fetch as Google box and then click "Fetch"

Submit URL

Step 4) At this time you will see the URL that you submitted. At the right click the "Submit to Index Button".submit

crawl only this URLStep 5) When choosing the submit method, for a single post or squeeze page, choose the "Crawl only this URL".



Indexed Almost Immediately by GoogleComplete!  Now you will see where your URL was submitted to index and within seconds or minutes at most, search the URL again and you should see it indexed by Google!

And that is how you can get indexed almost immediately by Google!

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