How to find keyphrases that rank on GoogleThere are hundreds, if not thousands of tools to help you find the best key phrases that will rank on Google. Some are free, others are not. Regardless though, you can find competitive keyphrases in 3 easy steps that will rank well on Google as well as give your website better "SEO Juice".

Below are the 3 things on my checklist when I search for a good keyphrase that will rank well on Google. However, this is assuming that you have done everything else and have everything else in place already.

These things include, but not limited to:

  • Adding your site to Google Analytics, Google Search Console.
  • That your site is mobile friendly.
  • you have your site connected with the big 6 Social Media sites, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest)
  • The content you are posting on your website is quality, unique, relevant content.
  • Etc, etc, etc.

Having the proper foundation in place is going to make a huge difference in the results you get, but no matter where you are with your website here is a great, free way to find the best keyphrases that will help you rank well on Google.

I always suggest when you are trying to compete on Google, use Google chrome as your browser and be sure that you have "Live Search" activated on your Google Search, also referred to as "Google Instant predictions".

If you are unsure whether Live Search is activated on your chrome browser, go to and be sure that it is set to "Always show Instant results" in the "Google Instant predictions".

I would do this logged into your Gmail account as well as doing this in "incognito" mode. (You can open an incognito window by holding down the Ctrl+shift+N keys.)

Now that is done, the rest is pretty darn simple.

3 Steps to Finding the Best, Competitive Key Phrases That Will Rank On Google

  1. Once you think of your article/content to put on your website, think of the keyphrase you are going after. Then open an Incognito Chrome browser window and go to Type in your search phrase. Having "Google Instant predictions" turned on, you can see as you type if that keyphrase is even a popular search. If your search phrase appears as you type, even better, but if it does not, complete your search phrase and then hit search.
    Google Live Search Results
  2. On the results page, look to see how many many paid ads are on the page. If there are paid ads on that SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for that search phrase, that will tell you that it is a competitive search phrase because people are paying for it. The more ads, the more competitive that search phrase is. This is the fastest way to find a competitive search phrase without even having to do much research.
    Google Ads on SERP's
  3. Now that you found that competitive search phrase do this. In the image above, the search phrase sample has an ad, but ask yourself if the first domain listed in the organic search is a high ranking site. Then look at the other domain names on that page and see if they are they recognizable "big boy" domain names. If they are, then you are good to go. Write your article/content with that search phrase in mind, (typically it is also going to be your title to the article) and let the games begin!
    (Google "find the best key phrases that will rank on Google", find this post and all the ads that surround the search.)

When you can get on the first page of Google and your site is listed with "big boy" domain names for a relative search to your business, Google uses this as a ranking factor in their algorithims and moves your site up overall for almost any relative search for your niche. In other words, it gives you tons of "SEO Juice" to be listed with those other high ranking domain names.

There you have it, the fastest free way to find the best, competitive search phrases for your niche!

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