Components of a Modern SEO ApproachIn the past, SEO consisted of a very complex, technical checklist that every SEO expert had to go through. It was very easy to get quick results with the help of a few things.

Modern Day SEO Doesn’t Work Anymore :

There are various nuances involved in the SEO process and many factors impact the prospects. This has made SEO quite simple and a fun marketing activity for all SEO consulting service providers and agencies, but it is also more complex to comprehend and incorporate into the marketing mix because it takes into account the following:

  • On page optimization
  • Off page optimization
  • Web design and development best practices
  • UX (User experience) and CRO (Conversion rate optimization)
  • Persona and keyword research
  • Content strategy, generation, and distribution
  • Persona research
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Market knowledge
  • Analytics
  • Brand Building

Your SEO is not going to provide the desired results even if you consider just 3-4 components, as each and every component is instrumental in the success of an SEO initiative.

In case you have multiple products or services that caters to the need of varied audience, you will have to carry out all the activities in this list for each individually.

However, it doesn’t mean that SEO is an impossible task. It just takes a well defined strategy, times, resources, and some amount of perseverance. However the end result is worth it.

The Key Components Of Modern Day SEO:

You will come across various experts’ take on SEO advising you on how you should approach the process. Some of them are quite obvious, while most of them are crafty. Here are they key components of a successful modern SEO approach.

Direct Answers :

Even when we are using the search engines, we always look for direct answers and hate it when we are served irrelevant information. Google understands this trait of its users very well. Thus, they have completely changed the way they answer the direct questions.

For instance, let’s say you are looking to get information on the Penguin update. Some of the most common questions would be, “What is a Penguin Update”. If this would have happenned a year back, you would have got a list of all the websites trying to answer this question. However, now Google directly answers this question by picking out the most relevant answer and presenting that in a box.

So, you will need to ensure that your content gets the preference and that could only happen when you are giving the best answer that is sure to provide some value to the searchers.

Voice Search :

People definitely want quick answers for a question. This demand for quick answers has been further amplified by the advancement in voice and mobile search. This technology enables people to directly talk about their query and get a quick answer in return.

In addtion to responding to their voice, there is one more need that businesses need to fulfill, and that is being available on mobile devices. For developers, the key take away is that searches are not all about keywords in the current age but more about how people are expressing their needs to the web, and more specifically to the search.

Conclusion :

SEO is evolving with each passing year and it is constantly focusing on the convenience of the user, something that could only be achieved when you keep into factor the facilities available to the user. Search engines are not pampering the businesses, but the searchers.

Businesses and marketers need to understand this concept and base all their marketing efforts on the same to ensure maximum visibility with the help of technology enhancements. 

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