Tips to Jumpstart Your Social Media PresenceYour Search Engine rankings are dependent on your internet presence and popularity. Jump-start your presence by using Social Media.

You can perform a wealth of tasks, from postings to analyzing the results, to improve your social media presence eventually. Here are 5 ways to jump-start your business brand and be noticed more quickly:

1) Use Google+ to Build Your Circles of Influence!

Use Google+ as often as you get the chance to do so. Though this may be an obvious step in the right direction, some businesses still have not jumped on board. Google+ is definitely a force to be reckoned with and is no longer the new kid on the block struggling to be noticed. It is a marriage made in heaven when it comes to business and search engine results. Though Facebook, Twitter, and others have been around longer and have huge followings, Google maintains the top of the search engine heap. It makes sense to use their promotional advantage in Google+. Build your circles of reference and add a +1 button wherever possible.

2) Post Articles Consistently

With all the available Social Media sites that you can post on, you may or may not feel you need a Blog to post on… but it sure helps! Use social media formats to post your articles and information. It will help to get you into the search engine indexes, which will enhance your presence in search results.

By having a Blog, you can gather your articles into batches and pre-post them to specific dates for auto-entry. This is important to keep your readers coming back and to show that your social media presence is current and consistent.

3) Engage and Re-Engage with Your Followers

Focus on improving your reader numbers. Aggressively pursue additional followers, friends, and viewers on all your social media outlets. Keep in mind that sheer numbers aren’t the end-all solution as you must strive to build actual relationships with those who communicate with you.

A personal touch should accompany your information so that your followers believe that you are connected somehow. This isn’t a literal and personal relationship, but one in which the reader feels that you understand their needs and attempt to fill them by providing relevant content, material, services and products.

4) Get Onto Pinterest

Use the Pinterest site. It is truly useful for building quick interest through SEO. Google search does crawl the Pinterest boards at this time, so add pins to create optimal keyword presence. Do this by adding Pin It buttons to your content where you most likely have Google +1, Facebook and Twitter share buttons already. If you don’t have them, add them all.

A cool tool to manage your Pinterest site (that as of today is invitational only), is Pinerly!… and here is your invite


5) Share Other Influential Followers Posts!

Many readers like to know who writes the great posts they are reading. Be sure to add your tags for “Rel=author” as well as “Rel=me” so they can easily see who you are. The other neat thing about these author tags is that your other content will also come up for them to see.

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