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by | Mar 1, 2020

If you are looking for an inexpensive video production tool that will allow you to create exciting and engaging videos in a very short amount of time, we found one with AdLaunch, by AppSumo, but it does have a few 'quirks'. Read on to learn more.

Video Produced with AdLaunch

As with any product we promote on the SEO-Alien, I use it, and over the weekend, I took AdLaunch on an extensive test drive.

I found AdLaunch to be an extremely powerful video creation tool that is affordable at any budget. But, It does have a few annoying issues that may be forgivable for the low cost.

For a one time payment of only $39.00, you can create up to 40, 4 Minute maximum videos per month, with all the features. This also includes 1,000,000 high-resolution photos, 100,000 HD video clips, and 200 High-quality music tracks. Some of the videos alone, I am sure you could easily pay up to $300 for on ShutterStock.

However, with all the good, I found a few things that can be annoying, but there are so many favorable things with AdLaunch, I would like to introduce it to you, and you decide. Whatever your decision, I hope this helped.

So, keeping in mind that this is my 3rd day learning it, let's talk about the not so good first, then we will get on to the good stuff!


Sometimes it hangs up: There were several times I had to go back to the main page, and/or refresh the page, or reload the app completely, and then have to go back to my production. The only good thing about that was 95% of the time, it saved all my last edits, so it wasn't like I had to start over, but it can be a tad annoying.

Though I should add that after using it for a bit, I found ways to avoid many of these issues. You may not be using all it can do, but you don't have to. Simple with this tool can be pretty awesome too.

The Buffering can be slow: Sometimes it can take up to 20 seconds or more to load your last edit, like when you are re-arranging the text, re-arranging the videos or adding your logo.


No call-outs or blocks: It would be nice if they had squares, rectangles, arrows, call-outs ect. so you did not have to upload your own. This seems to slow the product down considerably.

However, with that being said, I would not expect buyer's remorse for purchasing this online video app. AdLaunch really does make it easy to produce short ads, commercials, or any other video message that you want to post on your website and/or to share on your Social Media sites.

If you keep the text you add to the video simple, the more likely you will be to avoid the issues we mentioned above, but unfortunately, you won't be able to 100% avoid them, (at least at this time).


Update: 3/2/2020

The day after I posted this article, I made this video (Video 1). It had zero hitches, I was impressed. (Maybe they are working on these issues.)

(Video 1)


AdLaunch has so many cool features, they are hard to ignore.

Creating a video "on the fly" is pretty simple, however you most likely will need to make a few tweaks before you publish it. The text, or your logo may not always be perfect.

When you go to create a new video, choose the type of video you want (Image 1), and how you would like to create it.

1) Create with Generator is the simplest of all the options and is the one used in the video (Video A) below.

2) Start from Design will provide you with several pre-made templates, but most likely you will want to do considerable editing to those or use option 3.

3) Blank Video is just like it sounds, you will start from scratch.

(Image 1)

AdLaunch Video Generator

Creating a Video with AdLauncher

(Image 2)

AdLaunch Video Generator

One thing that is for sure, it is simple to create a great video with AdLaunch.

Using the 'Create with Generator' it will walk you through all the steps. (Image 2)

The first thing it will ask is your keywords to use to find the appropriate videos to add.

You can choose up to 5 keywords to add some variety, but you could also use only one to narrow it down.

Next it will ask you the format of your video. You can choose from Horizontal, Square or Vertical, depending on which platform you are going to use the video on.

Then choose the length of your video. Long is about 16-20 seconds, but you can always add more if you want to.

Next choose the mood. This will change the amount of video frames and the music. 'Calm' will have fewer videos and a calmer style of music vs. 'Liveley' 

Note: Sometimes the "Create with Generator" will not give you a complete set of videos, it may only pull in one or two, or it might just get hung up. After the video is created, you can easily search for more videos to add/replace if that is the case.
They have it listed as BETA, so I am sure they are testing and improving this feature.

Adding Your Logo and Editing the Video

You also have a choice to add your logo and optional CTA, though I found it easier to add text after the video is generated.

After you click 'Generate your video' it will produce the video arrangement automatically from the keywords chosen (Image 3), with a large video display above it. (not shown).

From this video editor you can either change the length of the clip, move the videos around, delete and/or add new videos.

(Image 3)

The Finished Video

This video (Video A) was literally created in less than 3 minutes by taking the exact steps shown.

The keywords chosen are in (image 2) above, only difference is the length, this length is 'Long' and  added more video clips to get it close to 20 seconds.

Earlier mentioned was the ability to add colored boxes. The logo is a .png, so to have a white box behind the logo would have helped it stand out.

You can also upload your own video(s). I uploaded one that was 53 MB. It took about a minute to generate on the editor. From there you can edit, add music, and add text if you wish.

(Video A)

Note: Notice how the video goes with the beat of the music, That is set in the 'Mood" settings in (image 2). This is on 'Lively'. To tone it down, lower that setting to "Casual' and see the difference.

More Text Options

Speaking of text, you are also provided with several types of pre-made text fonts & effects. But again, keeping it simple will help prevent buffering issues and make it a more pleasurable experience. I am not saying don't use them, it all depends on how much patience and time you have.

Below (Image 4) is small screen shot of the available text options you can add to your video, and on the editor, you can scroll for many more.

(Image 4)

Moving text and fonts

(Image 5)

AdLaunch Text Options

But the text options don't stop there! What I found effective was to create your video first, then use the 'New Text' option, keep it simple and then add the effects and change the font, colors and effects.

The 'Text Color' module, as well as the others are very extensive, and easy to follow with there options. I should add the controls on some can be quirky, but you get used to it. (Remember, it is only $39).

Notice (Image 5) at the top of the image there is 'Style', 'Animation' and 'Layers' (where it gives an option to add another line of text).

The animation section provides several cool visual effects, but again, the simpler you keep it the more I feel you will enjoy using AdLaunch.


It needs some work, especially on the buffering aspects and occasionally locking up, though again, for the low cost and what it can produce, I can overlook that for now. However, it sure would be nice if that was something that could be improved.

You will have a hard time finding a comparable tool like AdLaunch for the price, and it is ideal for posting 30 seconds of exciting, hard to find HD videos and images. That alone I feel is worth it.

The other factor you have to consider when evaluating the value of this browser-based service, is the power and worth of a good video. Content is King, but the content with the most views are always going to be images and videos. If you are unable to create a good video to promote your niche, in most cases it is better to post no video at all, and then look at all you are missing.

So, even with the quirks, here is my rank of AdLaunch after producing several videos:

  • Price for the Value: 95% 95%
  • Ease of Use: 45% 45%
  • Quality of Assets Provided 70% 70%
  • Quality of Video Produced: 85% 85%
  • OVERALL 77% 77%
I am not saying that you can't spend a heck of a lot more $$ and get something better, and I am not saying that this does not have several bugs, it does. Hopefully this is something that ApsSumo is aware of and working on.

If they could fix those issues, I could easily give it 85%+ in the 'Ease of Use' and 90%+ in the overall, because it really is easy to use, but those other issues can cause a bit of frustration, but then the again, the end result seems worth it. It is almost addictive to see what you can do with it.

There is no doubt that we will continue to use AdLaunch for our own use, and for our clients. Within 3 days of using it, I feel we already received value from the 5-6 videos we created in the short amount of time we have used it, and continue to do so. We hope you will to!

(See another Video produced using AdLaunch on the SEO-Alien. Will open in a new window).

With the visuals and the music effects that are created, or you create, your video will definitely not look simple, though you may get frustrated at times, remember it was only $39, and then be ready for many compliments when you share your first video created with AdLaunch!

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