Millions of people spend hours online to purchase some stuff, find useful information, communicate with friends and relatives, or just have fun and relax. Therefore, the majority of companies try to move their business to the Internet.

Online Tools for Content Creation

Content creation is an efficient way to get new customers or visitors. Unfortunately, the competition is extremely high, and they face some problems.

One of them is a high-quality content. Modern search engines monitor all new websites. If they see unoriginal or unwanted content, they just add it to the blacklist. Those sites never get a good range and won’t achieve the desired results.

Thus, it is crucial to devote close attention to the content creation. We offer you some useful online tools that can simplify a process of creating, checking, proofreading and styling the internet content.


  1. Evernote. The key point is to write a good enough content. It is not as easy as it looks. To be sure that your articles won’t disappear, use helpful and secure Evernote. This service allows you to write massive articles and eBooks as well as notice exciting ideas or relevant facts. It synchronizes, saves and regularly stores any writing work. Using this tool is a proper choice for people who prefer dynamic working process, take care of security and don’t want to miss anything.
  2. Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer. Except for an excellent article, it is crucial for creating a grabbing headline. Any blog post starts with it. No one will click the button to open a full text if a title is dull and inconspicuous. So, we’ve found this proper analyzer to value a headline according to the marketing research. The more your score is, the better. But we should mention that it is hard to get a result that exceeds 50%.
  3. Word2CleanHTML. Most of us don’t like to work directly in the content management system. We prefer Word or Evernote because they have more needed features. But it can lead to some problems in the finite HTML code. Unnecessary non-breaking spaces, empty paragraphs, and other tiny issues spoil any writing sample and don’t let search engines to rank your job highly. This service makes HTML code clear and correct just in a few seconds.

Editing and Proofreading

  1. Grammarly. Any article, blog post or eBook should be editing before publishing. Everyone can make a mistake, so it is crucial to check everything carefully before your editor or readers will see it. Grammarly is a great service that can check any text and detect grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style mistakes. It’s just the thing for writers who care about their repute and don’t want to look silly in the eyes of the editor.
  2. Hemingway app. This tool was created to check the text readability. Named in honor to Ernest Hemingway this online program allows you to simplify your article or blog post and make it easier in reading and perception. This feature is crucial for people who write entertaining content and don’t want to look boring and abstruse.
  3. Editing and writing services. Except the automatic online tools, we recommend checking a piece of writing by the real editor. The professional team of proofreaders will check all mistakes carefully and give you an excellent material prepared for publication. Such services as is a good choice to ensure that all your writing pieces are high-quality and readable.

Numerous content creation tools make a writer’s life easier. It is not so hard to create a catchy, interesting and valuable website or blog. Everything turns on your fantasy. Be original and you will succeed.          

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