Start Your Text Message Marketing Plan Today!There are several reasons why Mobile Text Messaging your customers will be the next big method of communicating with your customers, and it is not as expensive nor as difficult as you may think, in fact it is very simple and cost wise, text messages are very affordable.

Let us give you a couple examples of how Text Message Marketing (TMM) can benefit any business.

Mobile Text Marketing for Restaurants

On your menu (if you don't want to make new menus, place a small sticker on them) and write Text "meal" to 555555 to get x% off your bill! As soon as they text that to your number, they get a text back that says "Show this message to the cashier for x% off!"

So, how does that benefit you? Easy! Next time your restaurant wants to promote a new item on the menu, you now have a plethora of customers to text your "New Menu Item! Show this to the cashier for x% off!" Now you can send a message to your entire mobile subscriber list you have a new item on your menu. The big plus is that this is very targeted: these people are already your customer, you just want them to visit you more often and this is the ultimate way of getting your restaurant on their radar!

Of course their are several other campaigns you can do as well and that is just the start of it.

Mobile Text Marketing for Hair Salons

Same idea as above, have a sign on all your mirrors that says Text "hair" to 555555 to get x% off your hair cut! and just like above you have an instant subscriber to your Mobile Text Marketing. Next time it is slow, you can text all your customers, "x% off your next hair cut if you come in and show this text message in the next 3 hours!" Getting the idea here?

Mobile Text Marketing for Real Estate

Every Real Estate Agent or Investor has properties they would like and need to move quickly. Image when your next rental becomes available and/or your next new home for sale comes on the market. How many of your customers would like to be the first to know about it? Now you can text them all and build your buying frenzy!

…and you could go on and on!

Their are some important facts about mobile text messaging as well;

  • 95% of text messages are opened within 5 minutes
  • Building your Mobile Marketing list is much easier for most than building an email list.
  • Electronic Email Marketing (EMM) is getting old and over-used, most of your emails will never get opened or go straight SPAM! (This is not to say that you should not have a good email campaign as well.)
  • It's new and people always want to be part of what's new.
  • You can create unique mobile auto-responders that engage your customers instantly. (i.e. USA visitors, text "seoalien" to "71441" for an example.)

"It is not your customers job to remember that you are in business!"


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