Is Your Website Mobile Ready?Mobile use statistics on cell phones, smart phones and tablets are becoming somewhat staggering. In fact, most experts are now predicting that within the next two years, if you have a website that is not compatible with the major brands of smart phones and/or tablets you will be left behind.

One of the more amazing statistics we came across was how many people watched the last Super Bowl from their mobile devices:

"Nearly half of Super Bowl XLVI viewers will check their mobile device as many as 10 times during the game, and almost a third of viewers under age 45 will watch the game “with device in hand.” More than 80% of viewers say they’ll use their mobile device during the game at least as much as they did during last year’s Super Bowl." Source: Mashable

How is Your Websites Mobile Phone Bounce Rate?

"90 percent of websites not ready for mobile use." Source: 2012 Mongoose Metrics Data

If you are not getting your online business ready for mobile devices, here are a few other statistics that may help convince you that making your website(s) mobile ready is something you should have started on yesterday.

  • Smartphone Shipments Surpass PCs for First Time – PC Magazine- Feb 8, 2011
  • Consumers are 51% more likely to purchase from retailers that have mobile- specific websites (via Mobile Shopper session at NRF 2011)
  • 80 percent of mobile users prefer locally relevant advertising and 75 percent are more likely to take an action after seeing a location-specific message.(Source: Mobile Audience Insights Report from JiWire, 2012)
  • 52% of adult cell phone owners use their devices while in a store to get help with purchasing decisions(Source: Pew American & Internet Life Project, 2012)

How to Use Mobile Marketing for Profit in Your Business.

Tip#1 – Create a mobile site or optimize your desktop site for mobile devices.Can use for e-commerce or brand recognition.Also to get more customers/patients into your facility.

Tip #2 – Local SEO for Mobile.

  1. Local marketing via Google Places including Google Maps.
  2. Much easier to be at the top of search because the competition isn't on Mobile yet

QR Mobile ScanTip #3- QR Codes – QR Codes require these for success:

  1. Mobile Landing Page (Different from a mobile website)
  2. A Clear Call to Action
  3. Offer value through the QR campaign
  4. Statistical Reporting

Examples of Profits Through QR Campaigns:

  1. Building prospect lists through forms.
  2. Coupons
  3. VIP Clubs
  4. Brand Recognition
  5. Appointment scheduler
  6. Sales for Mobile users only.

What Do You Need for Text Marketing?

  • A short code: ie: 71441. Texts are sent to these. Can buy one or rent from aggregator.
  • Keywords – Specific to your offer and not used by anyone else renting that short code.
  • 160 character campaign. (specific message)
  • Auto-responder. For immediate auto reply.
  • Promotional material for opt-in campaign.
  • Table tents/signs/ads, etc.

Why Text Campaigns?

  • Text messages cost very little.
  • You can send 10000 messages in a couple of minutes
  • Customers have opted in and are wanting these texts
  • All cell phones can receive texts not just Smartphones.
  • 4:1 ratio for devices receiving texts vs. email.
  • People have their mobile phones with them always.
  • 90% of texts are looked at within the first 15 minutes of receipt.
  • Texts convert to action 41% of the time.
  • Text messages are easily and often forwarded by recipients.
  • Text coupons and promotions are Green!!

So, is Mobile Marketing a Profit Center for Your Business?

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