Looking for unique ideas for QR code marketing? In 2012, when this article was first posted, QR code marketing was brand new. It tool a little while to catch on, much to the credit of Covid-19.

Here are a few other methods and ideas to jump start your QR code marketing efforts.

Different Forms of QR Marketing

QR (Quick Response) Code marketing is becoming more popular as it is becoming recognized through-out the world. Some QR code marketing methods are pretty basic and make sense, like on your business card, or even a sticker on your wall, door or office mirror so people can scan your info instead of having to type it all in.

The first thing we recommend is to draw out and understand what the goal of your QR Code marketing effort is. For example, if it is to send people to your website, it would be best (if not imperative) to have a mobile friendly website created. So in this case, it would be important that you create a mobile website from your existing website. However, sending people to your website may not be the only method that you will want to use QR codes.

Before you start your QR code campaigns, here is a quick check list to make sure you have the basics in order.

QR Code Checklist

Here are some important points to consider before beginning your QR code(s) marketing campaign:

  1. Give people something useful on mobile with your QR code. (Don’t send people to a website that isn’t optimized for mobile with a QR code!)
  2. Use QR codes only in locations where they can easily and safely be scanned.
  3. If the code is in a digital format (email or website), it must also be a link to the same content.
  4. Make sure there is WiFi or 3G access in the place where the code is placed.
  5. The QR code needs to be big enough and clear enough that even the lower-quality phones can scan it.

Combinging Mobile Marketing with Your QR Campaign

Though you may not always want to have people subscribe to your mobile marketing opt-in list, for some marketing ideas though, it may be the best thing you can do to build a quality mobile marketing list.

You can do this two different ways, after people scan your QR code, you can 'force' them to opt-in before they are sent the information that they originally scanned the QR code for.

The other way would be to send people a text that give them a choice, to either opt-in or continue without opting in.

QR Code Marketing Examples

Simple Text Opt-in

Simple Text QR CodeThis will send you a simple text with an option to opt-in to our SEO-alien Updates via mobile (sample only).

Send to Product

QR Code to SEO Alien Mouse PadThis will send you to our SEO-Alien Mouse Pad with no opt-in.

Map to Location

QR Code to Hoover DamThis QR Code will send you directions the Hover Dam

e-Mail Us!

email the SEO Alien QR codeThis will send you a the link to e-mail the SEO-Alien!

Call Us!

Scan to call the SEO AlienScan for any business number! (Phone number sample is not a real #).

Scan for WiFi!

Scan for SEO Alien wifi infoAllow people to easily scan a QR Code to obtain WiFi Settings!

Though these are just a few examples of how to use QR codes for different types of marketing including having people opt-in to a mobile marketing campaign, we hope it is enough to get you thinking of different ways that you can use this technology to help market your services!


About the Author:

The SEO-Alien is a project started in 2009 regarding all things online marketing. The site started out more of a diary of predictions, suggestions and references to things I frequently used for online marketing... before social media marketing was even an option.

I hope you find the information and tools presented here useful and something worth sharing with others.

If there is anything else about online marketing or any online advertising strategy you think would be helpful, please let me know.

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