This Company is Out of Business

Back in 2011, I got involved with what I thought was the next thing in text message marketing… and they were. Unfortunately, bad management caused its demise. I wish I could refer you to another one like this, but it all left a bad taste in my mouth. Though I believe text message marketing is a great way to market, I got away from text message marketing for a bit.

Think that SMS Marketing it out of your budget? Think again! Choosing a great SMS Marketing Dashboard is now within any small businesses budget! The Zilergy Text Messaging Marketing Dashboard also offers dozens of features that many SMS Dashboards don't offer!

Choosing a SMS Mobile Marketing Dashboard can be frustrating. Some will entice you with low "start now" offers to only get you 'in', but then you will discover their rates are well over $600 a month to continue. Sounds good at first, but buyer beware, read the small print in the terms of service.

Looking for an affordable, comprehensive Mobile Marketing Dashboard that is complete with all the tools you will ever  need to run a successful SMS marketing campaign that is also affordable to any budget? Watch this video to learn more about why SMS marketing is not only effective, but can be affordable on any budget!

SMS Mobile MarketingSMS Mobile Marketing Dashboard Features

  • Mobile Coupons: Create unlimited mobile coupons!
  • Mobile Landing Pages: Create unlimited mobile landing pages!
  • QR Code Generator: Allows you to create QR codes for URLs, SMS Texts, Phone Numbers or Contact info. Print in 4 different popular sizes! You can also email it, download it, post to Facebook and/or post to Twitter!
  • Appointment Manager: Upload multiple or single appointment reminders that will send out texts to client phone numbers before your scheduled appointment. Have them reply ‘C’ to confirm or ‘M’ to miss. Set up your own auto-responders for each reply!
  • Conduct a Poll: Keep your subscribers entertained by creating polls!
  • Text to Win: Probably one of the most successful SMS campaigns ever to build your list. Create 1-5 winners and also offer all the non-winners a gift as well, the choice is yours!
  • Birthday Wishes: Send out coupons and/or special messages on your subscribers birthdays automatically!
  • Loyalty Programs: Encourage people to visit your store often by offering incentives for the more times they buy from you!
  • Real Estate Flyers: Create professional looking real estate property flyers, landing pages and QR codes!
  • ..and so much more!

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