Did you think that email marketing was dead and buried? Shame on you – it might not be the youngest horse in the barn, but it’s still in the top three techniques for around 23% of American businesses.

And, it’s certainly worth revisiting, as long as you’re willing to follow an updated approach. Today’s email marketing campaigns need to be more carefully targeted and crafted. It’s no longer enough to bash a few keys on your keyboard and send a generic message to all those on your list.

Firstly, today’s anti-spam/ anti-phishing applications have improved substantially. They’re able to recognize patterns that could indicate spam or phishing emails. Unfortunately, some innocent marketing emails may get caught in the net.

Secondly. today’s consumer has little tolerance for impersonal emails that are not even remotely relevant. And, if you think it’s enough just to use their names, you’re wrong. People don’t want their time wasted by offers that they’ve got no interest in.

A young, single, man might, for example, have no interest in funeral cover at this stage. If you keep sending him marketing for funeral cover, he’s likely to view it as spam because it’s not relevant.

That’s where segmenting your list will come in handy for you. When segmenting your list, you want to divide up the consumers into groups with similar needs. A married man with a family, for example, might be interested in that funeral cover that we spoke about earlier. The young, single guy, might be interested in an investment plan.

By segmenting the list, you’re able to create a far more targeted campaign. Do this correctly, and each person in each group will feel that the email is directed at them. They might not take up the offer, but they won’t feel as though their time has been wasted either.

But that’s only the start of updating your email approach. The infographic below contains all the information that you need to understand your modern email audience and improve your campaigns accordingly.


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