The History of EmailFour decades ago, no one even knew what an email was – look how far we've come! 

The journey of the email started back in 1971 when the first email message was sent and it has now evolved into something you can access anytime and anywhere you like. In 1982 it lost its full title of  electronic mail and was shortened to what we know it as today…email.

A lot of the email's growth is due to the introduction of mobile phones, and in recent times the smart phone has completely changed the way we use email. Cool fact: the first smartphone was actually introduced in 1994 and could send and receive emails. Bet you didn't know that!

If you fancy finding out some more amazing and surprising facts about email and email design, take a look at the following infographic from the email wizards at Instiller. It takes you through the last 44 years of email, how it has evolved to where it is today, and predictions about where it could be in the future. Enjoy!

The History of Email Design

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