If you’ve ever logged onto the Facebook com login page, you may have quietly wondered about some of the lesser known facts on Facebook. For example, did you know: Facebook actually hosts a hacking competition known as the Hacker Cup.

Facebook Fun FactsIn a surprising turn of events, first place was awarded to a Google programmer of all companies! In fact the employee even showed up to collect his prize while wearing his Google employee badge! Ouch!

Facebook’s online presence is huge!

Would it surprise you to know It actually costs Facebook $30 million to host its site! In case you’re wondering, that’s the cost of hosting Facebook per month!!

Even the site’s operating software is massive. Whereas it takes approximately 24.7 million lines of code to operate an F-35 Fighter Jet, Facebook’s operating software requires around 61 million lines of code!! You might even say running Facebook is more complex than flying a military aircraft!!

Here’s the deal

Even though Facebook’s data is massive, it pales in comparison to our own human DNA. Believe it or not, a single gram of human DNA could store all of Facebook's data with room left over!

You could even add in all of Google’s data into that leftover room!! Here are even more insane facts on Facebook for you to enjoy:

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