Effective SEO StrategiesDon’t throw out your learned ideas about SEO marketing from last year. Adapt them to fit today’s specific social media formats instead.

Are you freaking out because of all the new updates like Google's Panda update and all the other subsequent ones? Whoa! Slow down for just a moment and take a look back at last year’s SEO strategies. Some of them not only still work well, but are worth incorporating into your new methods gleaned from this new year’s reports.

Try to resist moving so fast that you automatically adopt the newest information and techniques into your stable of marketing tricks. The ones that worked best in the past, still work the best today.

Remember that some ideas stand the test of time because they are so effective and can be adapted to most situations as time moves along.

5 Classic, Basic SEO Tips that Stand Up to the Test of Time

Classic Tip 1 – Keep your web page speeds fast. The average reader has a short attention span and will not sit still for your razzle dazzle pages to load. They’ll never see them. That defeats the purpose of the time and effort spent to create those pages. The idea of viewers without patience hasn’t changed. In fact, as internet speeds increase, the users are looking for instant loading and when it doesn’t happen, they tend to close the ‘x’ and go on to something else. Simplify your pages and trim them so they load faster to get readers to view them.

Classic Tip 2 – Social media is increasingly important. It’s even more important to marketing than it was last year. Google Plus has made its debut and Pinterest is just taking off. Make sure that your social media strategy is firmly in place and continues to serve the more traditional Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, while keeping up with the newer players as they show up in the playing field.

Classic Tip 3 – Content is still king. Posting new, relevant, content rich articles will get you to the top of Google. Since over 85% of most visitors are going to find you from a Search Engine, be sure to be posting quality articles to our Blog on a consistent basis as well as follow the guidelines of writing quality articles. Doing this correctly you will be amazed at how many new keyphrases you will be listed for and found from searches.

Classic Tip 4 – Be sure to tag, title, use H1, H2 and H3 tags for your article keywords and phrases and be sure to use the alt and description tags on all your images. Complete and correct HTML is very important.

Classic Tip 5 – Set up complete profiles on as many high ranking Social Media and Bookmarking sites as possible, but do it at a pace that does not make you look like a spammer. These are valuable profiles not only for the backlinks you will gain from other high Pagerank sites, but it will also give you much better credibility when people find your company and then Google your company name.

These may be ideas that were introduced in the past, but they are still valid and necessary to run effective SEO marketing for your business. You can tweak them as needed to fit the climate of the day, but the basic concepts will be the same for quite some time to come.

The other thing, with all the different Social Media Sites it is easy to be confused as to which ones to go with. Our Advise,… fish where the fish are!

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