So your looking to get your article to the top of the search engines? Writing articles for SEO is not magic, it simply requires a little preparation to get the best search term for your article.

However, as simple as that may sound, there are a few other things that we are already assuming that you have in place if this is an article that you are posting on your blog. 

  • Be sure you are using a good hosting companyWriting Articles for SEO
  • Be sure you have added a Sitemap to your blog. (WordPress users can add the XML SiteMap)
  • Be sure that your article is relevant to your overall blog theme

As long as you have a solid foundation for your blog, the rest is pretty simple. To get any article to the top of the search engines is not difficult, the challenge is to get your article to the top of the Search Engines for competitive search phrases.

This video explains where to start by choosing a good title that is a frequently searched phrase and how to write your first paragraph for optimized SEO juice. After you write your article, be sure you also Bookmark your article for more backlinking juice and overall visibility.

How to Write and Submit an Article for the Best SEO Juice

I created this in 2010, but the fundamentals are still the same.

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