Ever wonder how to auto follow all your Twitter followers? It can be done easily enough and it should take you no more than 5 minutes to set it up and then you will have to do nothing more!

Logging into twitter and re-following your followers can be a time consuming task, this is why you should use a program like www.SocialOomph.com to auto-follow your Twitter followers. This video below shows ho easy it is to set up.Auto-Follow your followers with SocialOomph.com

SocialOomph.com is a free program that will auto-follow all your new twitter followers. It will also send out a "welcome" message to all your new followers as well! The free version will also show you all your twitter follower and twitter re-follow stats with graphs.

Another nice feature with this program is it Twitter friendly, meaning that it will spread the auto-following out over time so it doesn't trigger any red flags from Twitter!

Very easy to set up, and then you will never have to do anything again. Set it up and your new followers get re-followed for ever!

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