Have you noticed on your Facebook Page the "Promote" tab underneath your posts? It seems to actually work, but it also has some benefits other than only trying to sell something on Facebook.

Several weeks ago I used the "promote" feature that was on our Facebook page to promote a popular squeeze page plugin for WordPress. Not only did it work by selling a few of that product, but it also had some other interesting benefits that I feel was more valuable than making the initial sales. More likes, more engagement and much more reach!

For the $10.00 investment, it not only paid for itself and then-some, but for the price it was more than worth it for several other reasons.

Facebook's Promote Post Feature

If you are not familiar with the "promote" feature on your Facebook Page, on the bottom right of every one of your posts is a tab called "promote".

Promote Link on Facebook Post

When you click it will give you an option to promote that post to "People who like your Page" or to "People who like your page and their friends" and give you an estimated reach.

Promote Post Feature

Here are just some of the results of the post I promoted.

Facebook Promote Post Results

  • 90 clicks

Facebook Ad Likes on Post

  • 10,783 People saw post


Tips to Help Get You the Best Results with "Promote Post"

I have since played with this feature a few more times experimenting with different posts and images and here is what I have found that I hope helps you get better results.

1) Post an article on your Blog promoting a good, low-cost product that is relevant to your niche. This could be either your own product or an affiliate product.

2) Make sure that the image you use is a good "call to action", but it also must meet Facebook's image guidelines. (I  did have one of my ads get turned down by Facebook for having to much text in the image.)

3) Share your Blog post to your Facebook Page.

4) Click the Promote Post tab and promote to "People who like your page and their friends".

Of course, if you have not signed up for Facebook Ads (I use my paypal account) you can do so first from Facebook.com/ads

* Be sure you're logged into Facebook, click the top right "Manage Your Ads" button and then go to "Billing" -> "Funding Source" on the left menu.

For the $10.00 I  spent, it payed for itself and was actually more impressed with the other results. Give it try and I hope you get the same impact!

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