Facebook is a popular way to communicate. There’s no doubt about that as millions of people all over the world can attest. As a business tool, however, it may be an underused gold mine. The pages are easy to create, and are simple to manage. There are some important steps to take if you want to take full advantage of it as a medium to draw attention to your product or service. You will need to do more than just set up your page and wait for it to be noticed.

Have a Marketing Strategy

You must have a definite strategy in mind before you create the page. It will be published instantly so know exactly what you intend to do before you start. That may be why there are so many business Facebook pages out there will little substance or follow through. If you take a look around at randomly selected business pages you might find evidence of that. You’ll see a flurry of postings, for example, at the earlier dates of the page, but then they dramatically drop off. You might notice that the most recent entries were made months ago. In that case it would be better not to have a page at all. Having a strategy and a plan in place when you create the page will make it easier for you to manage and stay up to date.

Your goals for creating the Facebook page must be clear. Why do you need to have a community for your potential clients or customers to share communication with you and each other? Your purpose may be to build a client base to increase your brand or to engage your users in a process. Once you know why you will create the page the rest will become obvious to you. You’ll want to decide on a theme and what kind of information you will share before you start.

Decide on the information flow and how you will manage it. The content in your page will brand your company. It will need to reflect how you want your company to be seen by your target market. You can use video information segments, articles, images, or podcasts or a combination. Remember to use the media that your intended audience would prefer rather than what you prefer to produce. You may believe that it’s the latest technology to provide video segments, but that could do more harm than good if your audience is typically less than tech savvy and has a slower average broadband speed.

How to Create a FaceBook Fan Page

To create a Facebook Fan Page you must have a personal page created first. Then after you have your personal page created, goto and choose your type of business and get started!

Please note that a personal Facebook page is not indexed by Google, but a Fan Page will be.

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