Boost Your SEO on Facebook

Boosting your presence on Facebook can also increase your Search Engine rankings if done correctly. Facebook page marketing is quite effective if you avoid some common pitfalls.

The day of the company website may be fading. While websites are still very much in use, particularly for large businesses or those with an already great internet presence, small business seems to be moving toward a much more effective option. Social media is definitely the way to go these days, and Facebook for SEO is the best example of that.

"While a good following on Facebook can do wonders for your brand, you will still need to be high in the Search Engine rankings."

The way to keep high in rankings is to shout your brand through the specific name you give your Facebook page, your URL, and the tabs you use. Be careful when creating these keys, as they must have your business name clearly present. One big mistake that is commonly made is for a business to use a different name for their page or URL. A business called “Main Street Computers” should not have a Facebook page or URL called “cheap computers” as that will defeat the purpose of Facebook page marketing.

Since Facebook Posts are Indeed Indexed, Use Them to Your Advantage.

Add in a few of your keywords and pertinent phrases for best results that will stay relevant longer. Tabs are indexed and your ‘likes’ are retained and used for ranking in Bing, which is gaining in popularity among Search Engine users. Add videos to your page as those are significant in other Search Engine rankings. Choose your video titles carefully for effective Facebook page marketing.

Be Careful Not to Put Your Content Behind Fan Gates

Content behind Fan Gate pages will not be seen by Google and will therefore fail to be indexed for ranking. Google won’t be seeing your posts as a ‘fan’ or because they ‘like’ you. This will cause you to be unintentionally hiding your content from those all important Search Engines. In addition, when you place text within an image it won’t be seen and indexed either. Your content should be in your ‘info’ and ‘about’ tabs.

Encourage Links to Your Page in Any Way You Can

Google uses those links as though they are credible recommendations to view your page or patronize your business. When you utilize Facebook for SEO you’ll find that you must incorporate different strategies to catch the ranking attention of several different Search Engines. Each tends to use a unique set of criteria so be sure to use as many Facebook page marketing techniques as you can. Your goal will be to achieve high rankings in all of the major Search Engines.

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