What Happens When You Hit SendMore than 100 billion emails are sent and received each day, so we're obviously very familiar with how to send them but do you know what happens when you press send?

To us, the sender, it seems like some sort of magic that when you press send, ta dah, like magic, it appears on someone else's device.

But, in that tiny moment of time there's a lot going on to make sure it reaches the right place.

Your email will pass through numerous refined systems to decide if it's authentic, secure and safeguarded for the recipients' privacy. But what is it about your emails that means they don't always get where you want them to? And how come you can find yourself as an untrustworthy email source?

Find out all this and more with this awesome infographic from Instiller. It uses the classic game of snakes and ladders to show you the difference between a successfully sent email that helps you climb the ladders, and the emails that get you rejected and blacklisted, meaning you slide down the snake!

Each step of how you create your email is a potential risk of not getting your email where you want it and even then it may not be opened, so knowing what will get it there and opened by your audience is pretty important. Take a look and see if you're doing what you should before you press send.
What happens when you hit send

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