Do You Need to Improve Your Email Conversion Rate? If your inbox is anything like mine, it is flooded with promotional emails. Some ask me to download their new eBook. Some ask for attending their webinar or join a course. Some continue pushing me for buying their product.

5 Tricks That Will Improve Email Conversion RateGod! They work so hard trying to convince me. Sometimes I get convinced and opt in, sometimes I unsubscribe. All they want me to do is convert on their landing page. When I convert, I move one step further to a possible sale.

That's what email conversion rate is all about. The percentage of email subscribers who clicked on a link in an email and completed the desired action (for example filling out a form) is a conversion rate.

I'm guessing you’re continuing to read because you want to increase your email conversion rate. And I’ll show you ways to do that. But before jumping into it, don't you wanna know why is this REALLY important for you?

Why You Should Monitor Email Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate tells you if your email subscribers actually performed the action you asked them to do or not.

If your click-through rate is good enough but the conversion rate is not so impressive, then your subscribers aren’t performing your desired action.

Because they're getting lost after arriving at your website. You have to find out the elements that are turning off your potential customers after arriving at your website.

If we talk about average conversion rate, it varies from industry to industry. E-Commerce businesses get 7-12% percent average conversion rate while bloggers get an average of 2% conversion rate. Check out this study from MarketingShepra where they share average conversion rates for different industries.

5 Tricks To Improve Email Conversion RateIf you're still reading this, I can surely tell you want to increase your email conversion rate. Well, wait no longer. Follow these – 5 Tricks to Improve Email Conversion Rate

Grabbing your subscribers by the neck and pushing them for opting in isn't gonna work. You have to do the math. You have to get inside your subscribers’ heads to make them convert.

1) Optimize Your Landing Page

Landing pages are usually website pages which are used to convert your regular audience into leads. It uses a form to collect user data. You use those data for building rapport with your leads and turning them into customers.

People make up their mind in seconds. So, you need to help them focus on your offer. Remove anything that’ll distract them and prevent getting you a lead.

The primary goal of a landing page is to collect leads. Don’t make them go anywhere else. To keep people focused and engaged on your landing page

• Remove navigation bar from your landing page. This will discourage them to go away.
• Explain what they’re getting. Keep it short. Use Bolds, bullets, and Italics to make the writing digestible.
• Use beautiful and relevant images to keep their interest up. You can also use videos to retain them on your landing page.
• Communicate properly. Tell them exactly what they need to do to get the offer. If you want them to download an eBook, use the word “DOWNLOAD”. If you want to them to watch a video, use the words “WATCH NOW”.

People can decide to go away in a fraction of a second. That’s why to keep your offer precisely relevant to them. Remove everything that’ll distract them from converting.

Key takeaway: Optimize your landing page for better conversion.

2) Segment Your List

People aren’t converting on your landing page is most likely because they’re losing their interest after arriving at your website. Perhaps, they don’t want your offer or your landing page isn't convincing enough.

In this case, you’re not talking to their interests. You're not giving them what they want.

You need to segment your list according to interests and send them curated content that matches their curiosity.

Suppose, you’ve got 500 subscribers in your list. 250 of them are stay-at-home moms, 150 of them are teenagers aging from 18-22, and the rest 100 are professionals working on day jobs.

If you offer 20% sale on all formal shirts for men, how many of them would opt in?

Guess the answer…. You're right!

Most of those 100 professionals. A tiny amount of those teenagers could also opt in. But the rest wouldn't take your offer.

In this case, to boost up your sale, you have to segment 500 subscribers into three different lists.

Then send targeted offers like a sale on household items only to those stay-at-home moms and offers on trendy sneakers only to those teenagers.

That's how you'll get a boost in email conversion rate.

Key takeaway: Segment your subscribers according to their interests and send targeted offers.

3) Don’t Forget About the Mobile Tribe

Emails opened on mobile devices accounts for 48% [Source: Litmus]

Your landing page may look amazing on a desktop but if you don’t make it responsive, it’ll look scrambled on mobile devices. Almost half of email users check emails on their mobile devices. Just imagine how many leads are slipping away from your hands for not optimizing your landing page.

Do it NOW!

• Keep the same messaging, color, fonts and design both in your email and landing page. This will assure them that they’re in the same place.
• Don’t use Flash content. Use HTML5, GIFs, and JPEGs.
• Less is more. Ask for as less information as possible.
• Make it easy to find out your CTA and form.
• Kick out redundant words. Time is short. Make your conversion process concise and smooth.

The screen is small. Don’t try to write a whole blog post there. Keep everything clear and concise. Make it easy and simple for your subscriber to hand over their information. Make it easy for them to convert.

4) Follow Up

Remind them when your discount sale ends. Keep a sense of urgency. But don’t push them.

You’d be surprised to know how many leads you’re losing just for not following up.

People can be busy. They can forget about you. A simple reminder will help them recall your offer.

If you offer a recurrent service, send an email letting them know when their subscription ends. All this can be done with an automated email.

Make it easy for them opt in. Include a link in your email where they can redeem your offer with one click.

5) Test, Test, and Test!

Analyzing what you’re getting out of your emails is very critical. You have to analyze every email campaign you send and examine what’s working and what’s not.

A/B testing is fundamental in email marketing. You need to test and analyze from your email subject to CTA for getting best results.Choosing best performing element in your emails will determine your conversion rate success.

Here are few things that you should test –

• Email subject
• Call-to-action (CTA)
• Fonts, colors, graphics
• Copy
• Headline
• Closing text

Give your A/B testing some time to gather data. It’s not a thing that’ll finish it’s work overnight. You may need to wait a few days to weeks depending on your audience.

Running A/B testing for too long can give you misconstrued data. Giving it insufficient time will also give your misinterpreted data. So, you need to give it proper time to give you the best fruit.

Check out this blog post from Kissmetrics on A/B testing your emails.

Okay, so here we wrap up tricks to improve your email conversion rate. Remember, sitting around won’t do if you want to improve your email conversion rate. Understand readers’ psychology and write content to satisfy them. This is a basic thing you need to catch on for turning your audience into customers.

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